tavr hospital in mumbai
tavr hospital in mumbai
Our mission is to deliver high quality & compassionate care to patients, make newer discoveries to benefit them and offer best results in the field. Our cardiac experts are always available to provide consultation and treatment for all aspects of cardiovascular care and prevention.

Fellowship at Jaslok Hospital

Jaslok Hospitals and Research Center is one of the pioneers of facilitating research facilities in India. The kind of hands-on training and research labs they offer to their students is unmatched. Their DNB faculty from every department offers consultations every day of the week. These time slots are listed on their website. It is regarded as one of the best hospitals in Mumbai due to their impeccable research faculty and bulletins. 


Fellowships at Jaslok Hospitals and Research Center would prepare the researchers to use qualitative and quantitative tools and apply their research practically. The researchers are not just cooped up in their labs performing experiments. Jaslok Hospitals urges their researchers to aid the doctors in surgeries and run treatment plans under their expert supervision. The biggest benefit of working and researching at Jaslok, the best hospital for emergency in India is that you would get the hands-on-training from experts in their field. There are emergency cases almost every night. And, if you shadow a doctor operating on an emergency patient, you would learn how to think quickly on your feet and save the patient. 


The Division of Paediatric Neurology under the Department of Neurology is headed by Dr. Anaita Udwadia Hegde. She has been working with children since the last 15 years, helping them with neurological considerations. The Department of Paediatric Neurology offers an intensive fellowship for two years where you would hone your skills, get advice from experts, and further the field of paediatric research. It is a myth that fellowships only prepare you for careers in academia. Jaslok Hospitals which is regarded as one of the best private hospital in Mumbai gives you the clinical perspective as well. After the fellowship, you would be ready to take on a clinical or academic career.





Given the international recognition and presence of Jaslok Hospitals and Research Center, one of the best private hospitals in Mumbai, you could be selected for international training opportunities, or publish your paper at an infamous international journal. Jaslok Hospitals provides you the ground to advance in this field. The selected research candidate would continue their academic research, keep records, take part in clinical activities, and report to their supervisors. There would be an exit exam at the end of the fellowship to evaluate your growth and knowledge. The best hospital for emergency in India allows you to work and observe under experts, deal with critical cases, learn unconventional, and advanced methods to treat patients. 


The fellows are selected after careful consideration. Every research fellow is required to complete their MD, or DNB degree to be eligible for this prestigious fellowship in one of the best hospitals in Mumbai. Jaslok releases monthly bulletins at an interval of three months. These bulletins are instrumental in Jaslok’s aim to make medical care accessible. More often than not, doctors use medical jargon to explain treatment plans, or symptoms. It makes it harder for the patient’s relatives to understand their condition and give the consent to proceed with the treatment, as not everyone possesses an acute understanding of their relative’s condition.


One of the reasons why Jaslok Hospitals and Research Center is one of the best hospitals in Mumbai is due to their medical bulletins every three months. These bulletins contain insights from doctors on general health and wellness. The journals also contain papers by stalwarts in the departments that help the medical students narrow their field of interest, and know more about topics. 



If you are a medical student who has just finished their M.D. and wants to intern at a hospital that boasts such a fantastic cohort of great minds, you could head to the Jaslok Hospitals official site to check the availability for fellowships in different departments. These fellowships are offered by one of the best hospitals in Mumbai and are MUHS certified. Presently, there are two seats available in Medical Oncology, Hepatology, Hepatobiliary, Diabetology.