Best Kidney Transplant Hospitals In Egypt: Mespoir Healthcare
Best Kidney Transplant Hospitals In Egypt: Mespoir Healthcare
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Best Kidney Transplant Hospitals In Egypt

Listed below are the Best Kidney Transplant Hospitals in Egypt. These medical facilities have excellent results and have been providing transplants for more than 20 years. While you can legally donate a kidney or a liver if you are related to the donor, this is not the case in Egypt. While a kidney or liver donation from a living relative is legal in Egypt, it is not allowed if you are not deceased. This is due to religious and conservative considerations. Although it is not advisable for children to undergo transplants from deceased donors, there are no laws preventing the practice of living organ donation in Egypt.

Al-Amal Hospital: This hospital offers high-quality, affordable medical care. Their emergency department is open 24 hours a day. The hospital also features one of the best Critical Care units in Egypt. They have highly qualified medical staff and operating rooms to treat the most urgent cases. The Al-Amal hospital is an upscale community hospital that is well-equipped to handle any medical need. In addition to kidney transplants, this hospital offers orthopedic care, cardiovascular care, and other specialty care.

Al-Amal Hospital: The Al-Amal Hospital is one of the Best Kidney Transplant Hospitals in Egypt. They offer high quality, affordable care. They also have a very friendly staff and are known for being the best in the region. If you're looking for a hospital in Egypt that offers kidney transplants, this may be the place for you. There are many other options for transplantation, but these are the three that we've found to be the Best Kidney Clinics in the Country

As-Salam International Hospital: This tertiary care private hospital was established in 1946 and is committed to providing the highest quality healthcare to patients. They have over 700 physicians and more than 400 nurses and invest heavily in research, technology, and their employees. This ensures that their patient care is seamless and efficient. You can choose the best Kidney Transplant Hospitals in Egypt based on their reputation and quality of care.

As-Salam International Hospital: The As-Salam International Hospital is a tertiary care private hospital in Egypt. It is one of the most modern in the region and has more than 30 specialty outpatient clinics. The doctors and nurses at As-Salam are among the most highly trained in the world and will provide you with excellent treatment. Aside from being an accredited facility, As-Salam International is also part of the Alameda Healthcare Group.

The Cairo Medical Center was established in the year 2017. It has over 200 licensed beds and has trained and experienced surgeons and nurses. Founded in 1976 by Dr. Hassan Zahed, the clinic is built with spacious rooms and wide corridors. There are nine operating rooms in this hospital, as well as over 20 outpatient consultation rooms. The emergency department, which was recently renovated, is also a high-quality kidney transplant hospital.

The Yasmeen Hospital is an established private hospital in Maadi. The center is a 13-story building with 139 beds. It has exceptional technologies and international standards. Its specialized clinics include cardiology, pediatrics, and dentistry. The Egyptian government has approved the new facility. And it also has experienced and certified physicians. Its emergency department is one of the best in the world.

The CKC is an Egyptian hospital that is recognized for kidney transplants. The clinic is a member of the United Network for Organ Sharing and the Collaborative Transplant Study group. The CTS provides statistics about the hospital and transplant outcomes. The CKC is the best kidney transplant hospital in Egypt. This reputable and internationally accredited clinic offers patients the latest technology and services. Its medical care is a top priority for the community.

The Misr International Hospital is a hospital that is recognized internationally and in Egypt. It is a joint-stock hospital in the Almaza area. It is the largest clinic in the country and has been recognized by the United Network for Organ Sharing since 1988. It has a great reputation for specialized medical care and is well-equipped with the latest technology and procedures. Its renowned doctors are highly qualified and highly experienced.