Why is it crucial to hire a federal criminal defense attorney?
Why is it crucial to hire a federal criminal defense attorney?
The various state law enforcement agencies that oversee federal criminal investigations are generally well-funded and have extensive agents and investigators.

Being arrested or being investigated for a federal crime does not mean that you are guilty or do not have rights. An experienced and skilled federal criminal defense attorney will fight for your rights and work for your case to be reduced or dropped.


Types of Federal Crimes

If you are getting investigated or already charged with a state crime, these cases are very different from a State criminal case, and your freedom is at stake. 


Prosecutors of federal court have almost vast resources, and you will need a criminal defense lawyer near you who has experience handling cases in a federal court.


Various federal crimes include:


  • Money Laundering

  • Blackmail and Extortion

  • False Claims Act

  • Kidnapping

  • Mail Fraud

  • Wire Fraud

  • Bank Fraud

  • Health Care Fraud

  • Child Pornography

  • Computer Crimes

  • Identity Theft

  • Credit Card Fraud

  • Weapons Crimes

  • Drug Trafficking

  • Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO)

  • Drug Conspiracy


A criminal defense lawyer near you can also handle federal cases involving Medicare fraud, securities fraud, mortgage fraud, immigration violations, tax evasion, public corruption, antitrust violations, counterfeiting, consumer and white-collar crimes.


Federal Criminal Cases Differ From State Crimes


Federal crime laws are very different from state laws because they punish the worst crimes.


Also, the procedures and rules in federal courts are very different from those followed by state courts. Federal prosecutions get supervised by the United States Department of Justice and the United States Attorney General's Office.


Federal prosecutors have the support and resources staff needed to build a strong case focused on receiving sentencing. Presiding judges in state courts get appointed for life, and their court dockets are less likely to be full of suits as more state judges are required to handle them.


Federal criminal investigations get handled very differently from criminal cases in state courts.


Another main difference is that state crime carries a heavier sentence than state cases. It is especially true of conspiracy theories, child pornography, and other sexual crimes cases prosecuted in state courts.


White collar-type crimes are 

  • fraud, 

  • forgery, 

  • money laundering, 

  • identity theft, and 

  • corruption with severe legal penalties.

Minimum compulsory fines and organizational sentencing guidelines often lead to several defendants getting convicted of federal offenses.


What To Expect On Facing Federal Criminal Charges


The first and most essential step is to get a Federal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Here is a summary of what to can expect from a federal case:

Grand Jury Inquiry

  • If You Get Arrested For State Crime

If a US magistrate issues a warrant for your arrest or the chief judge returns with a case, you may be arrested and given a date of the first appearance before the judge within 72 hours of your arrest.

At this point, you, the Respondent, will be given notice of the charges, notified of your rights, and a bond will be imposed. In some cases, you may get released at this time.


In some cases, a judge may review a public accident or a plane accident and detain you until you have a trial. The next stage is the trial, where you will apply to a judge.


  • Plea Bargains in State Criminal Case

After an in-depth review of your case and executive proceedings, an admission of guilt agreement may be reached between the state and the Respondent, in which the defendant agrees to dismiss the case by filing a suit under a written application agreement.


  • Pre-Trial

Pre-trial proceedings in federal courts are often complex. Detection is a process in which the Respondent and the government seek information and material from another party, including investigative reports, witness statements, financial records, and laboratory reports.


It is a complex process that can involve thousands of pages of text. If you pick state law, federal lawyers will review each document and work with you to determine the best strategy for your case. Proper representation, in this case, is crucial.


  • Federal Trial

To find you guilty in a trial, the government must prove beyond any reasonable doubt that each part of the criminal case or the charges against you are valid.


A federal defense lawyer Dallas has the experience of working with senior investigators, intelligence experts, advisors, and professional researchers to assist clients in preparing and presenting their defense.



No matter what federal crime you get accused of, there is no doubt that this is a difficult and possibly the most challenging time in your life. Find a trusted lawyer who knows the rules of federal crimes well enough to explain your position.


Your federal criminal defense attorney will work tirelessly and ensure that you have the most effective defense by using all available resources.


If you are being investigated or summoned before a senior judge, your Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers will investigate the charges against you. They will advise you on the best course of action to take during the investigation.