Top 7 Things to Consider While Choosing Divorce Lawyers in Mumbai
Top 7 Things to Consider While Choosing Divorce Lawyers in Mumbai
The outcome of your legal proceedings will depend on the lawyer you choose, and going wrong with your Divorce lawyer's choice will surely be an expensive deal of your life.

Every case is different, and so do the attorneys available. Still, divorce lawyers in Mumbai who can understand their client's requirements by keeping in mind what's best for them and specialising in divorce proceedings could guarantee that even the smallest detail is taken care of. Though there is no specific formula available to select the best attorney, however before making any choice, there are certain elements that a client should consider. 

What Does a Divorce Lawyer Do?

Apart from explaining the law, providing legal options, and protecting their client's rights, a divorce lawyer also assists the client regarding the financial side and custody procedure involved.

  1.  Reviewing all the documents and understanding the couple's situation

  2.  Filling out divorce petition in court

  3.  Presenting evidence before the judge

  4.  Calling of witnesses

  5.  Drafting of documents for settlement, if any

  6.  Filling out the application for child custody

  7.  Filling applications for maintenance etc.

These are essential points describing the work involved, but a lot more work is required in a case.

7 Things to Consider While Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

After knowing the work, certain aspects must be considered while choosing the best lawyers in Mumbai for divorce.

The Cost You Will Pay

Cost, or the price you will be willing to pay, will help you narrow your search for the best lawyer in Mumbai for divorce. It's good not to choose the lawyer without knowing the fees they'll be charging for the whole case.

Experience Matters

Experience matters the most. As some lawyers do have litigation experience of 10-15 years, but specifically for family matters, they have significantly less experience. Such as your requirement could be for an attorney specialising in custody-related cases, division of assets, etc.

Approachability or Comfort

Look for someone with whom you can find a level of trust or comfort and who could treat the situation with patience, respect, and confidentiality. In cases in which both the parties are against each other, you'll not prefer someone who'll get along with the opposite party for their benefit, or in the case where you want to settle the divorce out of court, you don't want to go with someone who forces you to choose litigation.

Divorce Type You Want

Divorce by mutual consent, a contested divorce on adultery, conversion, leprosy, cruelty, etc., or you want to go for judicial separation only wherein you'll be living separately. Still, the status of husband and wife remains intact.

Practising Locally

Attorneys practising in your area or state have a lot of advantages as they'll know the courts and offices. You can also easily enquire about his/her work.

Online Research is Good

Everything is now available online with technology. Based on review ratings, visit the best Family lawyers in Mumbai for divorce, and have a consultation with them. 

Don't only rely upon the ratings available online read the reviews shared by the clients because there are chances that some of the best lawyers have mediocre ratings. Visiting them offline will give you a clearer picture of whether you want them to work for you or not.

Other factors

Apart from the above pointers

  • you can talk to your friends or family members or who may know someone who has gone through a divorce. They can give you some contacts of the best lawyers for Mumbai in divorce.

  • Prepare your questions, what you want as a result of the divorce proceedings, such as maintenance, child custody, division of property, etc., and how the lawyer will assist you.


While selecting divorce lawyers in Mumbai, we usually go with the first one in desperate need to get a divorce without analysing them, which makes the situation worse. Divorce is ending marriage entirely; for some, this would be an emotional, time-consuming process, depending upon the case's complexity. Hence, you should be looking for a competent lawyer who can give you quick and effective results and handle all the complexities.

Having patience is key to evaluating your choices.