Finding a Divorce Lawyer
Finding a Divorce Lawyer
Contemplating divorce can leave you devastated and depressed. For many partners of a failed marriage, this is a heartbreaking and difficult process.

Nobody anticipates needing this service as their relationship begins, but statistics indicate that many marriages don't make it through the rocky years that are bound to come up. Because of this, you may find yourself in a situation where you are considering finding a divorce lawyer. There are several things that you should keep in mind as you make this very important decision.

Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer?

Nobody wants to spend a lot of money to get the job done; for this reason, many people begin the divorce process wondering if this service is even required. It doesn't take too long to determine that a lawyer isn't absolutely necessary in order to file the needed paperwork properly. However, if you can make it through this process with full agreement, it begs the question of what went wrong in the first place. Most couples don't have the civility in place to navigate this without a third party leading the way. They may also overlook legal concerns and possibilities that a more skilled professional will be aware of. While you can file without assistance, your outcome will almost always be better if you go about finding a divorce lawyer NYC

How to Proceed

The first rule of navigating divorce in a smart way is to not shoot yourself in the foot. However, most partners don't know the legal ramifications to all their actions. For that reason, it's important to accomplish the step of finding a divorce attorney as soon as possible. If your spouse initiated proceedings, do not do anything until you get counsel. The same is true if you plan of filing yourself. Do not tip your hand until you have someone in your corner with solid advice. Ask friends and associates for recommendations, especially those that you know have successfully made it through a divorce and be prepared to interview each potential divorce lawyer thoroughly.

Finding a Good Fit

There are some basic questions that you should ask any candidate when finding a divorce lawyer. Things like experience, success rates, written contracts, negotiation possibilities and fees will come into play. However, candidates with the same basic qualifications may be a better fit for you based upon personality. This doesn't necessarily mean that your lawyer should be all touchy-feely, however. Having a stiff personality can translate into more authority when it comes down to the hard issues. On the same note, someone who you can chat easily with in the office may be ineffective in court. Assess your needs and be intuitive about who will best meet them when it comes down to the wire.

What About Cost?

There are many different ways to assess the costs of using a divorce lawyer. However, in almost all situations, the benefits that you receive, both emotionally and financially, will more than pay for whatever the fees may be. Many divorce lawyers charge a basic retainer fee, as well as any filing fees or other expenses that are incurred as the process unfolds. The remainder is due once the case is settled to your satisfaction. However, each lawyer has their own practices, so ask beforehand so you know what to expect.

As a final point, it's important to make sure that your own priorities are at the top of your lawyer's mind. Some couples attempt to share finding a divorce lawyer to keep costs down. This has the potential to be a very bad idea. The professional will be torn between the responsibility that he has to you both and the compromise and negotiation process will be rockier, making it worth the added cost to have your own individual representation.