The Best Toys for Children Under 5
The Best Toys for Children Under 5
If your child is under five years old or you’re shopping for a gift to give a child in that age range, search for age-appropriate toys they’ll love. You can find toys for your child no matter how old they are, so make sure they are safe for your little one to enjoy. When your child is under the age of five, choose stimulating toys to spark their imagination.

There are so many toys on the market that give children a chance to explore new worlds of play. If you have children younger than five years old, you might be searching for some age-appropriate toys your child will love. There are plenty of options for your young children that never fail to delight. If you have a child under five or are shopping for a gift to give a child in that age range, choose one of these brilliant toys.

Colourful Mermaid Barbie Dolls

Mermaids are popular among children of all ages. There is something very magical about these rulers of the sea. For a young child under the age of five, you can find an exciting, colour-changing mermaid Barbie doll. The Barbie Color Change Mermaid and the Barbie Color Reveal Mermaid Doll are two options for children three and up. A colourful Barbie doll is perfect for children under five because they can continue to play with them throughout the rest of their childhood too.

LEGO Duplos

LEGO Duplos are a twist on the original LEGO sizes and building sets. They’re perfect for children three and up, and many of the LEGO Duplos are safe for children two and up as well. These large playsets have many fun details and features to engage your little ones. LEGO sets allow for open-ended playtime, which is great for self-expression and exploration.

Musical Toys

Toys that make a lot of music might not be your first choice, but children of all ages love them. Many musical toys are also safe for children twelve months old and older since they aren’t made up of any small parts. You can try a children’s xylophone or a children’s ukulele. Who knows? Your child might become a big music enthusiast because of these stimulating toys. They’re a fantastic option for young, curious minds.

Play Doh Ultimate Color Collection

If you have a space for arts and crafts, bring out the Play Doh for children under five who are over the age of three. Play Doh is a little messy, so set it up in a dedicated space where your child knows it is okay to take their Play Doh out. This artsy modelling compound is great for sharing during playtime, and you can even find large packs of up to 65 individual Play Doh containers for the most interested little sculptors. This is a great opportunity for mum and dad to participate in the Play Doh fun as well.

Soft Toys, Plush Toys, and Stuffed Animals

Of course, soft toys, plush toys, and teddies make this list. They’re irresistible for young children. You can find classic soft toys like little brown teddies or pick up unique options such as a soft Afghan hound or an iguana. Soft toys are safe for children over twelve months old and perfect for a quick game of make-believe or to be your child’s new fuzzy friend.

You can easily find safe toys for your child, no matter how old they are. Children grow up very fast, and while they will undoubtedly want to hang on to their old toys, they always have the chance to play with more. When your little one is under the age of five, look for stimulating toys that will speak to their sense of wonder without presenting any hazards. That way, your child will always have a safe and exciting way to play.

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