6 different ways to promote on Instagram? (pros & cons)
6 different ways to promote on Instagram? (pros & cons)
There is no better time to think about how to promote your Instagram account than now

6 different ways to promote on Instagram? (pros & cons)

There is no better time to think about how to promote your Instagram account than now. The rapid evolution of the platform and its growth means that what used to work in the past might not be able to provide you with the same results today.

Instagram statistics show that brands are fighting tooth and nail to get more customers. Consequently, brands need to utilize as many Instagram marketing tactics as possible.

Considering this, we would like to share with you the fact that promoting your Instagram profile is one of the best ways to market your business online, regardless of what business you run. Our objective will be to make you aware of different promotion methods and the pros and cons of each method.

6 ways to promote on Instagram and their pros and cons.

● Promote (“Boost”) Instagram Posts

You can advertise/promote yourself, your products/services, or even both by promoting your Instagram posts on Instagram, which is probably one of the quickest and easiest ways to do so. While this is most likely to be the least effective method of advertising. It is a good way to start and get acquainted with how to advertise.


  • You can create an ad within 5 minutes. Similarly, the approval process and the launch of ads are fairly quick.
  • Your ad campaign results are obtainable in actual time. The advertisement can be stopped or changed and run again if you’re not satisfied.


  • You can only promote current posts, you cannot promote previous posts.
  • Limited benefits

● Become an Instagram advertiser with Facebook’s Creator Studio

Because Instagram is owned by Facebook, the Business Manager system is built to first serve Facebook, combined with Instagram advertising options as well.

Those who master this platform can make a good living from it, and even entire companies can make a living from it. There is no doubt that Facebook is now one of the biggest advertisers in the world, with a monthly audience of more than a billion people.


  • There are countless possibilities when it comes to running, moderating, and creating ads.
  • Almost all of the functionality is built in – there is no need for third-party apps. Having both favorable and unfavorable outcomes at the same time.


  • A single feature can take you hundreds of hours to master because there are so many unique quirks.
  • For this platform to handle a lot of operations, you need solid hardware.

● Hiring an Agency

There is probably no doubt that this is the most expensive. The benefits of partnering with an Instagram agency are certainly advantageous for large businesses or organizations, as well as individuals who earn a lot from Instagram. Long-term benefits and strategic plans can be achieved through social media marketing agencies, including re-branding your image, boosting sales, increasing market shares, and reaching goals.


  • you may revise your image, change other brand-related details, or devise a content posting plan if you hire an agency. Your buying real Instagram likes UK will be able to recognize your brand.
  • The results of creating, conceiving, and implementing will usually be sustainable. They last longer than one-day or one week of benefits.


  • An agency will always send at least 2-3 people to work on your account, no matter how small your amount is. Today, social media management involves the visual design, budgeting, etc.
  • An advertising agency can break your heart if you have put all your heart and soul into developing your business. Taking the time to investigate and find reasons why you need to spend more will show that you need to spend more due to the reasons below:
  • It’s time to rethink your product placement.
  • You don’t have a catchy slogan.
  • there are outdated logos and websites on your website.

● Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing doesn’t require much explanation. Marketers find it to be highly effective at promoting products and services.

A lot of influencers today are found on Instagram, which is the platform where the term ‘Influencer’ was first coined.

However, this method has some significant and noteworthy drawbacks, despite its efficiency.


  • Influencer marketing is the most effective way (per dollar spent) to sell and raise awareness for a cause. This method is effective without a doubt.
  • It helps to have a few successful campaigns with influencers if you are trying to better your market position. Choose them as your brand ambassadors. A mutually beneficial partnership can be established with such an offer.


  • The cost of posting with an influencer with 100 thousand followers can range from 500 to 2000 dollars, so it can be quite expensive.
  • In smaller markets, influencers often make lackluster ads, resulting in lackluster posts. Gal Gadot’s ‘Twitter for iPhone’ scandal, for instance, shows how ridiculous it can get. Ads should be subjected to a quality check.

● Stimulating your Growth with SMM Captain Guaranteed Instagram Services

In comparison to the four previous methods, this one does not possess as many advantages as the previous four. With the purchase of Instagram followers in the UK, likes, and video views, you can take your business to the next level in the beginning stages of its development. As a result, you can get picked up by Instagram algorithms quickly.


  • A higher following rate is correlated with a greater number of followers
  • Building credibility on Instagram


  • The cost is high without any guarantee of return on investment
  • Reputational damage could result

● Real-lifefe advertising

Instagram promotion using this method is also quite unusual. The most common way to raise awareness of your services and promote your Instagram campaign is through billboards. Advertising with this method, however, is very pricey.


These tactics will help you to improve the exposure of your account on Instagram. Utilize Instagram’s inbuilt features optimally by creating a strong strategy. Keep your feed interesting and active.

Be regular in posting new content by following the tips above. Maintain consistency and patience, however. Gradually, you will see results. Engage in two-way conversations with your Instagram profile for the best results.