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RPA Process Recording - What is it? | Intellipaat

So, your company has started using robotic process automation (RPA) because it needs to increase the automation of its business operations to keep up with such a changing digital landscape. How do you speed up the process of creating your automations once the business analysts have discovered manual activities that are ready for automation—possibly with the assistance of a tool.

There are essentially two approaches to it. Using an RPA activity record feature is the first choice, and creating the automated from scratch is the second. You can use manual procedures that have been recorded using a process recorder as the foundation for improved automated processes. Although this can marginally shorten the time it takes to get a new automation to market, it will take more work to stabilise the recording for enterprises who want to start with a more solid solution.


The alternative is design-based automation, in which a team first analyses the process, designs the automation, and then builds and deploys it. Although this method takes more time, it frequently produces superior outcomes for sophisticated, enterprise-class RPA deployments. Let's examine the process recorder feature of RPA in more detail.


Where does RPA's recorder feature really shine?

The aforementioned arguments do not imply that process recording in RPA is without value. Business analysts can use process recorders to their advantage while designing and developing automations; for instance, they can record human processes and then modify them to produce really optimised automated processes.


The goal of all automation, whether it be robotic, desktop, attended, or unattended, is to adopt a workflow and delegate at least some of it to a computerized robot. However, for the time being, the majority of businesses will still require human monitoring to get the most from the RPA automation systems they develop. Process recorder capabilities in RPA can help this purpose.