Myths about Cloud and DaaS Migration
Myths about Cloud and DaaS Migration
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Today, almost everyone knows the benefits Cloud and DaaS Migration can bring to your organization. Then, what's holding you back? Probably, various things you've heard about the cloud are nothing more than the myths prevalent about every new technology. It's time to debunk them all and make the best use of cloud migration! For this purpose, Ace Cloud Hosting is one of the best DaaS providers that can help you out and provide you with the best solution. 

1. Migration is too complicated 

There are so many people out there who believe cloud migration is too lengthy and complicated a process, but the fact is the migration of data isn't a big deal. The complex part is to prepare and plan for your end-users. Cloud migration is a background process that ensures your business processes aren't interrupted. Moreover, cloud migration is completed in the background for some days and guarantees that your business operations won't be interrupted as it needs downtime. In addition to this, you don't need to upgrade software and maintain hardware, reducing the problems and enhancing the time consumed on improving your business tasks. 

2. It works only online 

With cloud software, you can work online and also offline. When you've stored your documents in OneDrive, you can easily access it to edit your documents. Then, your edited documents will be automatically uploaded whenever you're connected to the internet. 

3. No need for Disaster Recovery Planning 

Though a cloud decreases the chances of a disaster occurring yet, it doesn't eliminate it. You'll still need Disaster Recovery Planning. There are many unavoidable situations where you'll need local backups, such as power outages, physical security, fire destruction, or robbery. DaaS companies are there to help you. 

4. On-premises is better than cloud 

Just like any other software, application, or tool, these two also have security vulnerabilities. However, DaaS companies have invested a lot of their time and effort in improving cloud security to protect your data. 

You can update, audit, and secure the cloud more comprehensively than the physical infrastructure. While talking about data breaches, they are mainly caused by human errors. Therefore, you need to prevent your cloud, and for this, you need to follow the best practices and regular maintenance. 

5. Cloud is expensive 

The initial investment may look big. When your business begins operating in the cloud, the capital expenditure is almost zero, whereas the operational operating cost is minimal. When you move to the cloud, you don't have to build a data center where you spend money on space, cooling, maintenance fee, and electricity. 

6. It leads to job losses 

No, in fact, the cloud is creating jobs instead of destroying them. The future of the cloud says that there will be plenty of experts needed for the maintenance and improvement of cloud-based technologies. 

If you go for a managed DaaS solution, there's no need to think about all these issues. The Daas Providers handle everything from deployment to updates.



These myths are based on fear of change. Once you're fully aware of the benefits the cloud can offer to your business, you'll be to make the best out of it. Hopefully, after reading this informative article, you're well-conversant with the myths about cloud and DaaS migration. Through this blog, we have thoroughly provided all the important information for top DaaS providers for their best business solutions. Furthermore, if you have any questions or queries regarding myths about cloud and DaaS migration, you can leave your message in the below comment section box. Thank you for reaching out!