Ideas To Create The Illusion Of A Big Kitchen In Your Small Space
Ideas To Create The Illusion Of A Big Kitchen In Your Small Space
Do you feel your kitchen is too small for your liking and want to make it look bigger? Well, this is a common problem and considering it a serious one, we have written this article for your assistance. The problem with you is not the size of the kitchen but the unawareness of some simple tips and tricks to follow.

Ideas To Make Your Kitchen Look Good:

Below are some clever tricks that would transform your kitchen from small and tight to big and roomy. Follow them to get a luxurious-looking kitchen just by putting in small efforts.


1. Choose shallow and slimmer cabinets:

Credit: Al Meera

Instead of choosing that standard size for the lower cabinets which reduces the floor space to the most, it's your time to go for shallow and slimmer cabinets. This will give you better floor space. With a depth of about 40cm, you might not get enough space to store bulky items but would get that sleek, roomy look with space to hang pots and other less spacy items. This way, you will have a more spacious floor and enjoy that big kitchen look in your sufficient space.


2. Choose single sinks or go for a dishwasher:

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A simple question to be asked here is, what advantage are you getting from a double sink? It will work as same as a single sink. So rather than a big double sink, consider choosing a beautiful single sink, or you can go for a compact dishwasher. There is nothing wrong with a double sink, but to achieve that roomy effect, we have to reduce extras and go for that minimal look; compacting the sink in size would bring out space for other stuff to fit in. Choosing a dishwasher would be a great idea for extremely small kitchens as it is compact and portable too, you can even keep it in your laundry area if your kitchen is too small to fit it in. For more small kitchen storage ideas, you can check out our page.


3. Install cabinet lights:

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Lighting plays an important role. Whether it be ceiling or cabinet lights, you must pay equal attention to them. The kitchen requires lighting. Good lighting is key to a spacious look. Ceiling lights are not just enough to give that sufficient light. Consider installing lights above, under, and around the cabinets to give more brighter effect and look. You don't need to do that wiring and all; you can simply add a plug on lights taking your zero efforts and giving the best out of them. You are free to visit our website for remodelling ideas for small kitchens.


4. Say hi to minimalism:

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A minimalistic approach is the best way to get that sleek, roomy, and bigger look in your kitchen. When you have a few things in your kitchen, it looks bigger. Remove all big and bulky appliances and choose compact, handy, and built-in ones. They will free up space for you, give a roomy effect, and would add depth to the view. What else do you want? Remove all unwanted hardware from around the kitchen; minimal countertops would be in their favour. A sophisticated kitchen is easy to clean and manage as well.


5. Add colors and geometric patterns:

Credit: Al Meera

Colors are the cheapest upgrade when it comes to kitchen remodelling. You can get a new kitchen at a low cost. They will also help make the kitchen look bigger instantly. White is a trendy color with a stylish and modern touch to it. For a more spacious look, you can choose yellow and green colors. They are natural colors reflecting sunlight and greenery. Painting your kitchen with any of these colors would give it a roomy effect. You can visit our page for fun small kitchen layouts and designs. Geometric patterns and detail-adding elements are fashion instruments of interior design. Apps like Instagram, Pinterest, and more are good sources of pattern inspos. You can go for vintage rugs, patterned table cloth, and antique vases as details to enhance the look of your kitchen.


6. Balance the equation of colors and patterns:


It is important to balance color and pattern equations. Colors and patterns individually make the most effect, and together they rock if they have a good equation. Light on light and dark on dark shades would not go well. If you choose a dark floor, go for light ceilings and walls and vice versa. The same goes for the cabinets, counters, and shelves. Choose good contrasting colors, so they don't create a messy or dull look. Also, give good attention to the patterns. Patterns and colors, elements, and details should go together. Try consulting an interior designer before doing anything.


7. Remove upper cabinets and add shelves: