Is this the time of the year when you have to renovate your wardrobes? Fashion changes over time, and we understand your struggles in choosing the best wardrobe for your room that would go well with your home’s aesthetics. And if you are still confused about which wardrobe to choose among sliding and hinged doors, your search probably ends here. This article is going to be your lifesaver.

What Are Sliding Door Wardrobes?


Sliding door wardrobes are a good option for several room types. They are longer, spacious and don't need much space due to doors opening slide to slide, so they are a good pick for any kind of house. As the name states, this wardrobe has doors sliding from one end to another without occupying much space in the front. They have a sleek design which gives a statement look to the room. They are so spacious that you can make different compartments for different things, for instance, clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, etc., that work well in rooms with less space.


What Are Hinged Door Wardrobes?

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Coming next to the hinged door wardrobes, they are a comparatively more traditional option and gives a dominant vibe in the room. In a hinged door wardrobe, you can use the back door to hang several things like scarves, coats and bags. These wardrobes have a classic design and can go well with big, spacious, extended rooms. For more designs, visit our website to see modern wardrobes in Abu Dhabi. You can go for the hinged wardrobe if you have a big house with a traditional interior and a classic vibe.


Sliding Doors vs Hinged Doors:


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Comparing the two wardrobe designs becomes tough sometimes because both are always a part of the trend and give a statement look to the room. The main difference between hinged doors and cabinets is that they are prominent and visible, whereas sliding doors wardrobes lack visibility. By opening the door of hinged door wardrobe door, you can have a complete look at the contents inside while sliding doors open from end to end, so one cannot have a comprehensive look at all the contents. Hinged door wardrobes go well with large spacious rooms, whereas sliding doors can go well with small and confined rooms with less space. Hinged door wardrobes offer more hanging space than sliding door ones while sliding door wardrobes require minimal maintenance than hinged door wardrobes. They both have their particular designs and vibe, but it depends upon your room and home’s aesthetic to decide which one of these two you should choose for your space. If you want more ideas about your wardrobes, you can visit our website to check out the best wardrobes in Qatar.


Advantages of Hinged Door Wardrobes:


Getting yourself a hinged door wardrobe will benefit you in many ways.

  • You will not need a lot of space in front.

  • Hinged door wardrobes are entirely accessible. Fully visible and spacious.

  • Aesthetics that matter significantly in today's world are another significant advantage of a hinged door wardrobe. It will give your room an aesthetic vibe and vibrant feel. If you have a wooden floor, the cupboard will mix well.

  • Hinged door wardrobes are traditional and will keep you attached to the old conventional value just by their presence. Also, it is a great choice.

Advantages of Sliding Door Wardrobe:


Before choosing a sliding door wardrobe for yourself, know these advantages you will get from the sliding door wardrobe.

  • You will have a lot of storage for your stuff.

  • Whereas hinged door wardrobes are traditional and somewhat dull, a sliding door wardrobe is full of innovation and new design. It will give you a modern and deluxe look.

  • It is twice the size of a hinged door wardrobe.

  • It is more on the sleek side and blends well with every environment. You can even make it a part of your office.

As told above, both sliding door and hinged door wardrobes have their worth and value, but it depends upon your mind, ideas and home’s aesthetics which one you choose to be a part of your house.


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