The custom logo mats provide you with a product that will strengthen your brand while keeping it environmentally safe.


We know that many of you are eager to start fresh in the new year by creating new marketing plans for your business. Don't forget to keep looking down as you begin to make plans for 2022! Why? Because Custom Logo Mats will be a crucial component of the firm's marketing plan, whether you are merely trying to increase sales or revamp & restructure your company brand. Still unsure if personalised logo floor mats are right for you? Let us go over some justifications for why you ought to purchase some high-quality logo mats for your business right now. Create a favourable first impression. 


You only have one opportunity to make a truly outstanding first impression. You only have one opportunity to make a genuinely outstanding first impression. However, a lot of you ignore the one crucial aspect that attracts attention straight away—your entryway and entrance mat. Everyone must keep the floors tidy, and each of you has a door. 

The purpose of entry mats is to keep floors dry, sanitary, and secure. However, there is a twist: these entrance floor mats may also be simply personalised to give customers a good image of your company. 


A terrific, noticeable approach to advertising and adding value to your brand, slogan, and your company's image is through your entryway and the personalised floor mat you select. Your marketing efforts will receive the extra boost they require as we enter a new year if you combine the advantages of a floor mat with striking graphics. The personalised logo mats will also contribute to giving your entranceway a polished appearance. A sign board is created by setting up an entry mat with your company name just outside the door.

People will know they are at the proper spot thanks to this, and your brand image will get the appropriate credentials. With the help of a personalised floor mat, you can immediately introduce your company to your clients, give them an overview of what you have to offer, and—most importantly—attract new clients by adding your logo or a marketing message to emphasise your brand. Increase Brand Recognition Custom floor mats are effective at capturing dirt and moisture, but they are also quite noticeable. Floors offer you significant possibilities since they are a mostly underutilised marketing place. They offer a quick and practical solution to put branding uniformly all around a workspace. These stunning personalised mats will stand out and draw plenty of attention because there won't be a lot of other "floor-branding" nearby.


Floor mats help to keep your floors dry, clean, and secure; when personalised, they are excellent at raising brand and item recognition. Custom floor mats of high quality and durability can be imprinted with your company's logo, name, slogan, website address, social network profiles, marketing message, etc. These branded floor mats will draw attention as soon as clients enter the building if they are positioned at the entrance, in elevators, or at the top of stairs. To increase exposure and make your business stand out, use these personalised floor mats at checkout counters, welcome desks, and other high-traffic, high-visibility locations. In employee spaces, lovely anti-fatigue custom floor mats may be utilised to promote safety or motivational messages to foster a sense of business pride and increase employee loyalty. Alternative Marketing to Boost Sales. 


Floor mats are great promotional and advertising items. They provide you with the chance to market your company's name, goods, and services while still making an impression on clients. Your unique floor mat will assist take your marketing approach to the next level and boost your sales when used in conjunction with other, more traditional kinds of promotion. Newspapers, periodicals, billboards, store walls, shelves, etc. are frequently covered in signs and traditional advertising that is vying for the attention of readers. However, the floor is an underutilised and uncomplicated branding zone that almost teems with options. A brand or sales message on a floor mat will stand out and leave a lasting impact because there isn't any other non-traditional advertising in the area. When the mats are correctly positioned, they will stand out from the others and promote sales for your company. Here are a few examples of "floor-advertising": Entrances on the outside to entice customers in as they pass by a company.


  • Outside doors that entice passersby to enter a company

  • Immediately delivering a critical sales message within a doorway

  • To emphasise features and benefits, or to offer sizing or comparative details in front of a product display.

  • In front of a display of related products (e.g., a floor mat featuring a cereal brand can be placed in front of bananas, or a mat with spaghetti sauce displayed in the pasta aisle).

  • To draw attention to sales and discounts all throughout a store or workplace

  • To make one more sale push at the point of sale while clients are checking out


Branding/Advertising at Point of Sale 


A company that offers its goods or services in a retail setting has to use effective visual merchandising. Utilizing a personalised floor mat in a shop may interest clients, assist them in finding what they're searching for, guide them toward making a purchase, and introduce them to items they would not have otherwise discovered. While displays receive a lot of attention, lighting and signage are also incredibly effective visual marketing tools. The floor mats can also be utilised.


  • Point customers to favour particular items.

  • Provide features/benefits/comparison information positioned in front of a product display to assist shoppers in making a selection.

  • Highlight a special promotion. Floor mats may be used to inform clients about exclusive deals, freebies, competitions, loyalty programmes, and other promotional marketing messages. These might be utilised to entice clients to participate in the promotion or subscribe to your social media.

  • Inspire additional purchases. For instance, a wine vendor may put a floor mat with the message: "Looking for something stronger? Visit Section 8 to see our wine selection.

  • Encourage impulse decisions. At the checkout counter, highlight certain items or brands to attract last-minute customers by placing a floor mat in front of a display or a striking counter mat. 


Eco-friendly Methods of Brand Promotion Yes, you have a fantastic opportunity to showcase your company as an environmentally concerned brand with these bespoke floor mats. You may have a long-lasting advertising tool by employing a personalised logo mat. As a result, you won't need to frequently throw these away like you would a paper advertisement. Consequently, a few trees are also saved. The custom logo mats provide you with a product that will strengthen your brand while keeping it environmentally safe. They are constructed of either Coco fibres, which are sustainably produced from by-products of the coconut, or Rubber, which is recycled from old used rubber tyres. Maintaining a Custom Logo Floor Mat These customized mats require the same maintenance as your regular floor mat: just vacuum them frequently to remove dirt, and treat any spills as needed. These simple steps will provide less work in the long run, because you’ll find less dirt and debris tracked through the rest of your business space. They say “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Use Custom Logo Mats with high-quality images today to project your brand to the world out there and grab some serious eyeballs. Contact us at sales at today or call us to order a custom logo mat that works for you. Visit our Custom Logo Mats homepage for more details on the selection of customised mats we provide.