3 Fall Upgrades for Your Farmhouse
3 Fall Upgrades for Your Farmhouse
For anyone looking to enhance their home’s autumnal aesthetic, now is the perfect time for several DIY projects. Some of these projects are the ideal way to occupy your spare time on weeknights, while others are more of an undertaking. Replace the worn carpet on your stairs with attractive stair treads, risers, and trim. Or revitalize your front porch. Check out these outstanding options for a fall farmhouse update.

Fall is in the air, and that means it’s time for pumpkin carving, tractor rides, and getting lost in the corn maze. It seems as though your modern farmhouse feels like even more of a home when it’s complemented by the unique fall atmosphere. For anyone looking to enhance their home’s autumnal aesthetic, you need to check out these DIY projects.

Some of these projects are fairly quick and can be done on a weeknight, while others are more suited for the weekend. But whether you have an hour or an entire day to devote to DIY work, there’s something for you on this list. If you’re ready to make your farmhouse feel like more of a home this fall, check out this list of DIY upgrades that fit the season.

Revitalize Your Porch

You might think of working on the porch as more of a summer project, but the reality is that in many areas, it’s simply too hot during the day for this kind of work. Summer is also a hectic time for families. But once the kids are back in school and temperatures begin to moderate, you can comfortably get to work on your porch without dropping the ball elsewhere.

You could redo the porch steps with some smart stair treads or give your whole front yard a boost with stylish new porch posts. Don’t forget to pick up your favorite stain, plus all the relevant tools and accessories from your local home improvement store.

Seal Drafty Rooms

With winter on its way, now is the time to start thinking about areas in your home that you’d like to make more comfortable. If you have drafty bedrooms or feel your heating system is struggling to keep up, take the time to inspect your home’s insulation. If your house isn’t adequately insulated, your family will have a tough time getting comfortable, and your energy costs can skyrocket.

To better seal your home against the elements and increase your energy efficiency, start with top-quality batt insulation. Once you’ve identified and accessed the area that needs to be insulated, batt insulation is easy to install and can work wonders for your home’s climate control.

Touch Up Your Staircase

If your family’s living space is spread throughout multiple levels of your home, your staircase likely sees a lot of traffic. If it seems like you just can’t get your carpeted stairs clean, or if your stair treads are showing excessive wear, it’s time to renew your staircase. Rip off that old carpet and replace it with attractive hardwood risers, stair treads, and trim. Also, consider whether you need to replace your balustrade or you could extend its lifespan by simply refinishing it. With so many people going up and down your stairs daily, a freshened staircase will go a long way toward giving your home a vibrant fall ambiance.

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