Tips on Inspecting Your Home After a Hurricane
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As if it's not bad enough that hurricane season is only weeks away, the Associated Press has just reported that there are currently several hurricanes gathering in the Atlantic Ocean. Hopefully, they'll dissipate before hitting land but even if they don't, here are some tips on how to inspect your home after a hurricane.

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After the Storm

Before inspecting your home after a hurricane, you should check up on yourself first. You don't want to be overexposing yourself to radiation or exposing anyone else to it either, so make sure before you start investigating your home's structure that you put on some proper clothes and gear. Gather rubber gloves, boots, coveralls, and a respirator mask and put them on. If you don't have any of these things, you can improvise with some long-sleeved shirts and pants and at least one trash bag that you cut the bottom off of to wear over your head.

While You're Inspecting Your Home

Once you've checked up on yourself first, you should then walk around your entire home to see what's damaged. You may be tempted to go straight into the basement or attic but resist that urge and take the time to check up on every single room in your house. Gather your family together so you can all hear each other while checking for damage together.

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The Dangers of Hurricane Damage

It would be best if you also looked for fallen trees or other debris that might be covering vents or windows. Please don't go into a room without first checking the whole house to ensure no one has been left behind and that it's safe for everyone present. Hurricanes can also cause a lot of hidden dangers, so while you're inspecting your home, you should also check for any sources of toxic fumes. If any noxious doors come from inside walls or the flooring itself, don't go near it. Gather on your lawn or some other safe place outside and regroup to assess what's next.

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If You Think There's a Problem

If you or other members of your family start to feel ill while inspecting your home, don't ignore it. Gather everyone back up and meet with emergency personnel at the nearest hospital or medical center so you can all be checked upon. Don't ever go against safety recommendations because it's usually for a good reason, and if you think there's something your family needs to avoid while inspecting your home, don't take any chances. Gather everyone together and wait until the all-clear is given before returning to your home. Gutter Cleaning Cost For Roofs In London Gutter Cleaning Prices Per Square Foot Gutter Cleaning Near Me Gutter Cleaning in London Prices Gutter Cleaning Near Me Guttering Services Guttering Maintenance Gutters London Guttering Repairs Guttering Services In London Gutter Clearance Tree Felling

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