Best Modern artificial grass ideas and designs for your place
Best Modern artificial grass ideas and designs for your place
Whenever we think of beauty, the first word that comes to our mind is nature. The feel of natural beauty, specifically grass, is out of the world. Imagine after waking up in the morning, you open your curtains and see beautiful clean green grass on your lawn or balcony.

Whenever we think of beauty, the first word that comes to our mind is nature. The feel of natural beauty, specifically grass, is out of the world. Imagine after waking up in the morning, you open your curtains and see beautiful clean green grass on your lawn or balcony. How much peace and positivity will you get? But unfortunately maintaining natural grass is not as easy as it sounds. From watering (helping it not to dry) to pest controlling (keeping it away from bugs) and a lot more. Natural grass should be water enough to soak 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20 cm) deep, encouraging the roots to grow deep into the ground. This process takes up lots of our precious and declining resource which is water. But this is not in the case of fake grass, just periodic cleaning is more than enough for it to look elegant. However, as we are continuously doing scientific advancements in the field of interiors, we were able to mimic natural grass which has loads of advantages over natural grass. Now, you don’t have to worry about drying grass, fungi feeding, weed controlling, or fertilizing to provide nutrients with this product. This product is popularly known as artificial grass or artificial turf. Apart from creativity and convenience quotient, these grass are also pesticide-free, soft, and hassle-free. Now, let us learn about where this grass can be used and what are its benefits.

  1. Offices - Greenery is preferred in every setting, even at the workplace. But as we are aware, maintaining real grass inside any building is next to impossible. However, artificial turf has made it possible to spread the vibe of nature and organic feel not only outdoors but also indoors. Many corporate offices have started opting for the synthetic grass to make their interior look even more appealing, productive, and soothing. Being hassle-free, it can be used in various forms like rugs, flooring, and even on walls. With a small investment and years of advantages, you can make the best first impression on your guests and clients. Grass for terrace gardens in hotels and restaurants now has become a new trend.


  1. Hotels for Lawns - Sometimes people decide on a specific hotel not just on the basis of food or rooms but for price, services, amenities, and atmosphere. Hotels have to make their atmosphere more charming and appealing to attract more and more customers. This can be possible with the use of good quality artificial turf, The ideas to use artificial grass in a hotel are numerous like on stairs, walls, entrances, courtyards, and stunning lawn areas. These grass are used as flooring options for weddings and functions to make the lawn look elegant. It mimics the natural grass however its maintenance is quite simple and less expensive. Isn’t it amazing? This small decision can make your customers regular and loyal. As we can’t ignore the fact that the first impression is the last impression.


  1. Sports surfacing - The sports ground is one of the most common and traditional applications of artificial grass. It is unfortunate that now also few matches have to be canceled due to muddy ground. We are getting aware that grass maintenance takes a lot of time, money, and energy in such a large area. But this is not the case with artificial grass. This alternative ensures grip and also absorbs energy when someone falls to reduce the chances of injury.  It can be easily maintained, highly durable, and can dry faster than natural grass. These turfs are eco-friendly and take us close to nature without using much soil as the soil is declining and it should be saved.


  1. Artificial gardens for kids and pets / School and nurseries - Kids often like to play in open areas like school gardens or the lawn. But especially the wet mud of natural grass makes their clothes dirty. How can we ignore the fact that natural grass comes with harmful chemicals, pesticides, and weeds which can affect the health of kids? Moreover, it is not possible to have grass on every surface. Here comes a saver that is artificial grass. It not only overcomes all the problems mentioned above but provides additional benefits like a shock pad underlay that absorbs impact if a child trips or falls and reduces the potential for injury. As it is weather resistant properly, kids can play in the rain as the water will drain from the provided holes as well as stop snow from settling.


  1. Residential Gardens - You must have often heard that a natural grass garden is quite difficult to maintain. People struggle to take out time to remove weeds from their garden or they cry about the amount of water it takes. Mowing, sweeping, and fertilizing, all of this demand a lot of time and effort. But now in this modern era, we have a modern solution i.e artificial grass. It just relooks your garden in a natural atmosphere without being harsh on your pocket. The organic and natural feel it provides can rejuvenate anyone who likes to be with nature. With a hectic schedule as well one can easily maintain it. Free from pests and weeds, these are the one-stop solution for decorating a residential garden.


  1. Rooftop - People often like spending quality time alone or with their families on rooftops. Imagine if you can get a beautiful landscape just on your rooftop that is too wallet-friendly, it would be great. Isn’t it? The softness and constant surfacing it has, makes your kids play on it carefree. You don’t need to worry about harsh sunny weather or rain as this turf is UV resistant and can also drain water easily. Being lightweight it can be easily installed by a layman as well. Whether you are having a get-together or just a party, this mimic of natural grass brings life to the celebrations. They can be easily cleaned after the enjoyment, letting you celebrate freely.


  1. Gym flooring - The gym is not only a place to exercise but a place where we extend our limits, push ourselves more and achieve goals. This is bound to be special for some people and needs to look productive and elegant. If we talk about the best flooring options for a gym, it is none other than artificial grass. It not only separates your gyming and non-gyming area but also can be cut and molded in any shape to cover every corner. Speed sled, a popular exercise, can lead to a lot of injuries because of wrong flooring. Now, you don’t need to worry about it, artificial grass is best for it as it absorbs energy during falls and makes impact injuries easier to avoid. The fibers of artificial grass are made in such a way to give grip, thus, reducing the chances of injury.


  1. Pool Deck - The ambience of swimming in the natural environment is so soothing. But it comes with a lot of concerns like safety, distance from your place, quality of water, and what not?


However, we can now create an artificial pool anywhere, which overcomes all these problems. With the advancement of technology, we can now also artificial turf to make it look like a natural setting. Its non-slippery character, natural appearance, cost-effectiveness, and durability, are all advantages of utilizing it as a pool deck. It just requires simple maintenance and you are good to go. Its antibacterial property and even surface make it a preferred option to choose over real grass.