CNC Home Décor
CNC Home Décor
CNC Home Décor has been at the forefront of metal and woodworking innovations and continues to push the industry forward with innovative concepts.

CNC Home Décor has been at the forefront of metal and woodworking innovations and continues to push the industry forward with innovative concepts. We specialize in precise CNC cutting. Our workforce has vast production expertise and is proficient in project management. CNC home décor has an extensive portfolio and a history of making high-quality items.


Cnc in interior design jali

CNC Home Decor offers CNC Laser, CNC Plasma, CNC Wood, and CNC Metal Fabrication services in addition to high-quality CNC Fiber Laser cutting. CNC Home Décor provides a variety of high-quality work in response to client needs. We have five years of various production experience.


Our skilled team provides great customer service from the moment a customer puts an order until it is delivered. Cnc in interior design jalipreviously followed a rigid process that began with an inquiry and continued with design, materials, production, packing, and delivery. We are laser cutting and metal engraving specialists.


CNC-cutting design for the wall.

  • wooden CNC Cutting Design

Jaalis, or CNC-cut designs, are a fun way to brighten things up without making major interior design modifications. These are useful and functional design elements that can be combined in a variety of ways to construct your home. CNC cutting designs for the wall are available in a variety of materials and patterns for mass manufacturing of various interior design components.


These patterns have been used since the Mughal era, when jaalis were made from finely cut marble and various types of stones. However, CNC cutting designs are currently dominating and trending in the design market. These designs not only enhance the visual worth of your home decor, but they are also inexpensive and affordable.


CNC cutting produces appealing and versatile designs that can be used on walls, furniture, or even as room barriers. CNC-cut graphics may be found on both the faux ceiling panels and the front elevation of the house.

CNC Cutting Ideas to Improve Home Décor


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Jali separators made with CNC technology are among the most popular dividers. In essence, they offer the essential separation between the dining room and the living room. Jali dividers with lovely flower motifs and interesting geometrical patterns are popular among decorators.


This decorative feature adds beauty to your living and dining areas of house while also providing some privacy. If you like classic patterns, a wooden jali divider is an excellent choice. Depending on your preferences, you can use single or folding jali divisions.


CNC Partition Designs for Personal Spaces CNC Cutting Design for Private Corners cnc-cutting-design-for-private-corners


With intricate CNC divider designs, you can maintain your privacy. The geometric pattern of this laser-cut wood panel divides the living and dining areas without adding visual clutter and looks great in this modern home.


An analogous CNC partition design can be used in an open-plan kitchen. Make sure the design complements the decor of your home to guarantee a smooth connection.

Our services

  • We may collaborate with clients to create fresh designs and tailor-made products to their specifications.
  • Inform you of the order’s production and loading procedures.
  • We care about the condition of the goods you receive and do our best to resolve the issue.


Why choose us?

Extensive selection of modern designs and finishes to complement any structure.

Innovative and aesthetically pleasing jali developed for long-term security, durability, and energy-efficiency to satisfy Code for Sustainable Homes criteria.

Jali systems are designed for quick and simple construction and installation, reducing project duration and expenses.