Difference Between Split AC vs Window AC
Difference Between Split AC vs Window AC
there are two types of air conditioner AC, split ac and window ac. but most people don't know the difference. here we will be talking about the difference.

Difference Between Split AC vs Window AC

Split AC is a type of Air Conditioner in which the Air conditioners are divided into two parts: the compressor located outside of the room, and the other is the inside air inlet.

There is a significant advantage of using the split AC over the traditional one because of the noise cancellation properties and their performance is also excellent in comparison to the traditional Air conditioners.

The condenser and the fan, which cool the condenser, are located outside the house to reduce noise.

Nowadays, split AC is dominating the market, and there is no better choice than AC for cooling the room and beating the summers. In this article, we will list the split ac and window ac along with their full specifications.

Pros and cons are also there for knowing the product to the fullest which you are buying.

If you are confused about which product you should buy according to your budget and needs,

you must check the buyer’s guide at the bottom of this article. The buyer guide will clear all of your remaining doubts.

Even till this day, people ponder over the fact whether it is good to buy a split AC or a window AC.

Well, to be frank, it entirely depends on what you exactly want in your house. While most of us prefer split AC as they complement the modern design of our house and sucks less energy, there are many who still feel strongly about the window AC being the best choice. 

Therefore, what are the factors that one must consider before buying an AC? In this blog, we will guide you towards buying the right kind of AC based on few factors so that you can get the best out of your AC.

Difference Between Split AC vs Window AC

difference between split ac and window ac

Window AC

These are wall mounted and are apt for a small room with a window space. They are quite pocket-friendly and the maintenance cost is also low. They typically come in a single unit, where one face is installed inside and the other is installed outside the window.

Split AC

Split ACs are too mounted on the wall and are typically used for large rooms as their cooling capacity is quite high. They do not require windows for installing and comes with a condenser and a compressor. 

The compressor is placed in the outdoor unit while the evaporator is placed in the indoor unit which cools the room.

The War: Split vs Window

With the small introduction about both the ACs above, we will now compare both these ACs and reveal which one will be a better choice for those who are planning to buy one to face the hot burning summer days.


Split AC comes in various colours and patterns that can change the entire look of your room. Window AC, on the hand, is constrained to one colour which is generally white.

Installing a split AC always requires the help of a professional and also incurs extra installation charges. 

Also, if you are staying in an apartment, it is always not a good idea to install a split AC and they are not even portable.

Window ACs are easy to install and do not require any extra charges. Plus, they are portable, which makes them easy to move from one place to another.

Cooling Power

Split AC is typically designed for larger rooms as they keep the potential to cool a room faster. Window ACs look compact and are best suited for small rooms.


Split Ac 1 Ton 5 Star will cost you almost double than that of a window AC. For example, a 1–1.5 ton split AC will cost you somewhere in between 20000–25700INR while a window AC will cost you 18000–29000INR.

Hence, if you are buying an AC for a small room, you should go for a window AC as they require no extra installation charges as well. However, for a bigger space like a living room, you should buy a split AC.

Power Consumption

The power consumption depends a lot on the start rating. Higher the start rating, the more efficient is your AC. A 5 start AC will consumes less energy, almost 10% less than that of 4 star AC. 

There prevails 10% difference in energy consumption with increase in one star. So, if you are buying an AC for a small room and normal usage, a 3 star 1.5 ton window AC should be your ideal choice. 

However, if you are buying an AC for a bigger space that is supposed to work for 15hours a day, hit for a 5 star split AC to save more energy.


When it comes to noise, split ACs produce little or no noise at all whereas window ACs produce a lot noise. 

As window ACs work against the window, they produce noise. Therefore, for office space or even to complement your modern home décor, split AC is the perfect choice.


Window AC is a typically low maintenance electronic good which is quite simple in term of service as all components are compactly designed. 

Split AC on the other side requires a servicing maintaining a proper time interval with help of some expert or professional. Also, when it comes to troubleshooting, split AC is way more critical than a window AC.

The Bottom-line

Well, both the ACs are efficient when it comes to best user experience. Of course, both have their pros and cons, based on which it depends upon you which one you should get in your home.

 Also, budget plays an important role here. If you are low on budget, then head for a window AC. However, if you want an AC that will match the modern set up of your room, then split AC should be your choice.

Advantages of Window AC Over Split AC

The following benefits of window AC over split AC will provide you with a broader perspective.


The window air conditioner is less expensive not only when purchased from the market but also in the long term. It is 30-40% less expensive than a split air conditioner.

A split air conditioner will cost nearly twice as much as a window air conditioner. Best Split Ac 1 Ton 5 Star for example, will cost between 20000–25700INR, whilst a window AC will cost between 18000–29000INR.

As a result, if you’re looking for an AC for a small space, a window AC is the way to go because they don’t require any additional installation fees. However, for a larger space, such as a living room, you should purchase a split AC.

Requires less maintenance

Window air conditioners are often low-maintenance electronic goods that are extremely simple to service due to the compact form of all components.

Split AC, on the other hand, necessitates service at regular intervals with the assistance of an expert or professional. In addition, when it comes to troubleshooting, split AC is far more important than window AC.

Low Installation Cost and Ease of Use

Installation is simple and does not necessitate the use of specialized equipment or experience. It only requires a carpenter-made window compartment or a window grill to be installed.

Even a novice may easily install the AC component in the window space. As a result, installation fees are kept to a minimum.

Has a Longer Lifespan

A window air conditioner has a longer lifespan and is more durable. Because of its compactness – all components are contained within a single unit – it can survive for up to 7-8 years. In most circumstances, if a component fails or is damaged, it can be simply fixed.