it’s time to enjoy the FPV drone hobby
it’s time to enjoy the FPV drone hobby
It’s your FPV drone ready and you want to fly but you think that flying fpv first time is scary? Probably you need these easy tips for your first flight.

it’s time to enjoy the FPV drone hobby

It’s your FPV drone ready and you want to fly but you think that flying fpv first time is scary? Probably you need these easy tips for your first flight.

Tip 1 - Make sure your FPV drone is really well configured as you want and there is no error on prop direccion or the motor is moving to the right side.

Before you go all FPV mode, set up the drone for easy control, It probably sounds obvious, but it’s very important for flying fpv first time cause you need all in perfect work. The weather can also take an important part in the behavior of a drone, which is what I'm coming up to next.

Tip 2 - Make sure you know what the weather is doing

It may look calm, but the weather is so different at each altitude.

Probably you are flying and there is no wind but if your drone start to go high probably it will takes some gusts of wind and start losing control, if you don’t takes care of this you could probably lose the drone, and the drone goes so far and didn’t find it, if this happens you probably will be frustrated and lose the motivation of the hobby when you are flying fpv first time.

My first FPV flight was close to night, i didn’t take care about this but, when i started to flight my fpv cam was so bad and in the night i can’t see anything and cause of the camera the grass was so dark, this took a little off the fun of flying fpv first time, take care and use a good fpv camera.

Tip 3 - Take some speed and angle to avoid stalling.

Thinking about when I started flying fpv first time, I noticed that I was on the verge of stalling lots of times through taking it too slow. This was especially concernful as I was flying so close to some trees at the same time. I had been told to fly low too, so I could recognise the landmarks easily, however this combined with painfully slow speeds looked, in hindsight, worryingly like they would end in a crash. You only have to keep the throttle up and fly around you, be careful with the battery to make sure you don't run out of juice. It may be difficult to know your speed when flying in first person for the first time, but be aware of where the stick is to avoid accidents.

Here I was flying slowly in a hill with a low air pressure, this is a  bit silly in hindsight seeing as though this was my first fpv experience. Keep it higher and faster to avoid crashes.

Tip 4 - Know your playground

The first thing that you have to take in mind for flying fpv first time is "Know your playground and fly a pattern". It really helps if you choose out landmarks, be it a house you're near, trees etc, or faraway  places like a town in the distance. Try flying from one side to the opposite, turning once you get there and flying to a different reference point. Do that at a reasonably high altitude and stay asking your spotter where you are in relation to your body to the ground and where you're heading with the goggles, even if you think you know. However, you should be able to know roughly where you are in the sky by only listening to the sound of the motor onboard the aircraft.

Tip 5 - Plan what you're going to do really thoroughly!

Plan everything that you are going to do when you are flying FPV drone first time, think about what route you are going to take, how far you are going to go, which zones are better for video signals and what zones are the worst for your video signal.

Make sure you don't forget to check all of your systems, not just the FPV drone video system, check the radio system because this is the principal system that helps your drone to fly, be sure that they are all working as expected before launch. Take your time, keep the calm.

Now it’s time to enjoy the fpv hobby!!!