How to Successfully Migrate a Website without Loosing SEO
How to Successfully Migrate a Website without Loosing SEO
This term often causes confusion. Specifically, the migration of a website is the term that is used to detail all the changes that are made to a web page and that can influence traffic or how it is positioned in search engines.There are many actions that can be considered as website migration, some of them are really small and insignificant, others, of great importance. Digital Marketing agency in Gurgaon provides the best seo service.

Here are some points that you should remember

1. Change URL: modify the  URLto improve readability, shorten or remove certain sections.

2. Redesign of the website: Renewing the graphic appearance of the website can add or remove important elements for SEO.

3. Change the structure of the website: When expanding the business, it is important to add new sections or renew existing ones.

4. Merge content: merge multiple content pages into one.

5. Change domain: This is one of the most common changes and one that can cause more errors if not done correctly.