Oxygen Bottle Carts
Oxygen Bottle Carts
Oxygen Bottle Carts

It is not surprising more airlines industry is focused on ways to improve efficiency, avoid downtime, and reduce costs associated with ground support equipment.


Airport Support Equipment 

Airport Support Equipment is designed to support an aircraft’s operations when at the airport. The primary goal of the Airport support equipment is to support safe aircraft operations following touchdown and prior to taking-off once more. The broad scope of activities associated with airplane ground operations has resulted in a similarly broad-spectrum GSE fleet. In addition, such equipment allows for the functions of passenger processing, baggage management, mobility, aircraft repairs, services, and maintenance.

Wilcox ground services in North America are leading manufactures since year 1962 of various equipment used for ground support, such as back-up tractor, de-icer, and loader. Wilcox Ground Services a global supplier of aviation parts & products has been manufacturing custom equipment for an assortment of industries including Marine, Rail, Mining, and Ground Support Equipment. Our Ground Support Equipment’s are designed such a way to perform, keep up, and outlast all the other.


Oxygen bottle carts

The cylinder cart is designed to hold/carry both oxygen and acetylene cylinders upright. All cylinder carts for oxygen make sure that every time you load it, the weight is distributed evenly across all wheels. The oxygen tank cart is distinguished by its carefully considered wheel designs and dimensions that minimise the amount of force required for moving it. Wilcox ground services oxygen bottle carts comes with the Booster & Regulator system complete, and is designed for use at remote locations.

Wilcox ground services rupture containment chamber is designed for worst case scenario, in case of bottle failure it may direct the blast energy away from the operator and aircraft. Our oxygen bottle carts are the only place where you discover pneumatic tires standard so we make sure oxygen have great soft ride.  Wilcox focusses in wide-ranging airport ground support equipment solutions to corporate, FBO, military, and general aviation equipment globally to our prospective customer base. If you want more information in this regard, contact our support team.