Get High Quality Airport Ground Support Equipment
Get High Quality Airport Ground Support Equipment
Get High Quality Airport Ground Support Equipment

Ground support equipment is an industry term referring to the supporting equipment commonly found in airports, which is used for the maintenance of planes in-between flights. Ground support equipment and systems support the aircrafts maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO), fuelling, loading, and parking, and the transportation of passengers and luggage, as well as the on/offboarding process. The roles of airport ground support equipment typically include operations for ground propulsion, mobility of aircraft, and loading/unloading operations for cargo/passengers. In addition, such equipment allows for passenger processing, baggage processing, aircraft mobility, repair, maintenance, and maintenance functions. Order any aviation or industry equipment’s part with Wilcox ground services.


Airport Ground Support Equipment

Airport Ground Support equipment consist of a variety of vehicles and equipment needed to support planes in the processes of passenger and freight loading and unloading, maintenance, and other operations on the ground. Ground support equipment include airplane pull-backs & tethers, forklifts and elevators, slings, vehicles, air-conditioning tugs, bin jacks & conveyors, light-duty trucks, and other equipment serving power, tethering, and servicing purposes. GSEs can assist in performing an extensive array of surface service and cockpit maintenance tasks, which are critical for security, equipment operation, and the comfort of passengers and crew.

Wilcox ground services are certified ground support equipment manufacturing company located in Milton Ontario, Canada. Since from inception of establishing in year 1962 we offer complete aircraft and airport ground support equipment (GSE) solutions for a variety of industries including mining, marine, rail, military, airline and general aviation. Contact us Today, for more details about our ground support equipment and services. We will also support you to design your own equipment in most feasible and economical way.


Container Dolly

Container Dolly is very demanding equipment in several industries and factories for transporting containers from one place to another. It has been designed to transport and transfer ULD 1, ULD 2 and ULD 3 containers with 3500lb carrying capacity. It can transfer containers either transversally or longitudinally. It’s standardized transferable height makes it compatible with all cargo handling equipment. Extremely durable, reliable even under toughest working conditions.


Wilcox Ground Services is a global aircraft ground support equipment manufacturer provide equipment by certified welders and installers for any industrial operation required. Our container dollies are ready to handle all your needs. With 34 platforms casters, multiple locks and supports our container dollies will perform function precisely with efficiency. With the Wilcox Standard Solid Tires, Steel Tubular Design, 73 Top Casters, you can rest assured the Wilcox Cargo Dolly is ready for action whenever called on. Check out our services for immediate consultation with our expert’s professionals. Book our services, take an action now.