Find Best Shipping Container Dollies for Transportation
Find Best Shipping Container Dollies for Transportation
Find Best Shipping Container Dollies for Transportation


Ground Support Equipment

With almost 16 million flights handled each year by the Federal Aviation Administration, it is not surprising more airlines are focused on ways to improve efficiency, avoid downtime, and reduce costs associated with ground support equipment. The major factors prompting the evolution of the GSE market include an upsurge in air travel and cargo, an increased focus on operational efficiencies at airports, higher standards for services, and the leasing of ground support equipment.

Ground support equipment (GSE) is designed to support aircraft operations while it is in an airfield. It can assist in performing an extensive array of surface service and cockpit maintenance tasks, which are critical for security, equipment operation, and the comfort of passengers and crew.

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Shipping container Dollies

Shipping container dollies serving as the foundation of the system, users can count on a stable rear axil to provide constant, stable motion. If you would like to get your containers onto wheels in a heavier-duty manner, the shipping container dollies may be what you are looking for. They are capable of handling up to 9,260 pounds, meaning a 20-foot container that is partly loaded, or a 40-foot container that is empty. When you are talking about lifting, loading, or moving your shipping containers off the ground, investing in proper shipping container dollies is a must in order to keep them moving. The wheels and accessories on a container dolly will determine the maximum weight they might carry. Load carrying capability is reduced when centre of gravity locations are off-centre, or if one of your dolly wheels is losing contact while traveling on uneven terrain.

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