Factors To Consider Before Buying Ground Support Equipment for Aircraft
Factors To Consider Before Buying Ground Support Equipment for Aircraft
Factors To Consider Before Buying Ground Support Equipment for Aircraft


A company's profitability and efficiency may be directly impacted by the quality of its ground support equipment. Due to shifting profit margins, it's possible you won't be likely to substitute your ground support equipment in the near future. That implies that inefficiencies may have long-term repercussions. When making a purchasing decision, keep this in mind: it's a vital investment in your company. Consider these seven considerations before making your next purchase of Airport ground support equipment.


You'll need the right ground support equipment for your operation depending on the kind of aircraft you're supporting and the circumstances in which you'll be working. Tow tractors, also known as pushbacks and aircraft tugs, must take the weight and position of the aircraft into consideration. Aircraft tugs specifically designed for military purposes are an absolute need in every military action. Even so, a tailor-made answer is possible.


Make sure you have enough ground support equipment to deal with any situation that may arise. Be aware of how your equipment will be exposed to different weather conditions and the physical places it will be working in.

Parts Availability

As long as your ground support equipment is safe and working, you should maintain it. That may need the purchase of replacement components rather than new ground support equipment in the future.

Technical Support

If and when you want technical assistance, the top providers of ground support equipment will be there to assist you. There are a variety of issues that might arise, from simple operational ones to more complicated ones that may arise in the future.


Designing your ground support equipment with your company colours may help your brand stand out and make your business seem more professional.

Proven Company

For your ground support equipment, you want it to come from a well-known and trusted company. Quality and dependability are strongly shown by this. Wilcox Ground Services has been in business for a long time and is trusted by clients throughout the globe when it comes to aviation tugs.


Equipment that is genuinely dependable will have a good guarantee attached to it. Each piece of equipment has a different set of warranties, each with a different duration and scope. A lengthier article is obviously preferable. Know that Wilcox Ground Services is one of the best Ground support equipment manufacturers  and provides an extraordinary warranty of three years or 3,000 miles for their ground support equipment for aviation applications.