Everything You Should Know About Airport support equipment
Everything You Should Know About Airport support equipment
Everything You Should Know About Airport support equipment

Equipment used at airports to maintain aeroplanes on the ground is referred to as GSE, or Ground Support Equipment. Ground support equipment's primary job is to assist with on-ground operations when an aircraft is parked at a gate, in a hangar, or at a distant location between flights. Commercial and military aircraft alike are serviced using GSE. Aircraft are self-sufficient while in flight, but after landing, GSE is required to service, maintain, and prepare the aircraft for its next trip.

In order to minimise the amount of time the aircraft is on the ground, efficiency is essential. A wide range of ground support equipment is available to ensure safe and timely ground operations. It includes a Pre-Conditioned Air (PCA) unit that creates a pleasant atmosphere for the aircraft's crew and passengers, as well as a Ground Power Unit (GPU). Pushback tractors, stairwells, and passenger buses are all instances of GSE.

Why do you need to have GSE?

Ground Support Equipment (GSE) is critical to the success of any operation. Passengers may prevent delays, expenditures, and annoyance by using high-quality ground support equipment that works well and can be relied upon. A turnaround cannot be completed without GSE. GSE is a must for every turnaround. If you want the plane to depart the gate swiftly, you'll need a pushback tractor and belt loaders are essential.

Passenger buses, for example, transfer people from far-flung planes to the airport in a safe and secure manner.

What is Aircraft support equipment?

Airport support equipment aids in the smooth running of aircraft operations. This involves refueling, unloading, and loading goods and baggage, as well as delivering fresh air to maintain a pleasant temperature on board the aircraft. Ground power units, stairs, container loaders, pre-condition air units, belt loaders, and refueling equipment are all examples of aircraft support equipment.

Pre-conditioned air units, ground power, Container dolly, cables and hoses, all of which are crucial to the seamless operation of ground handling, are all offered by Wilcox Ground Services.

Ground Power Units

They come in three varieties: battery-powered gpu; solid state gpu; and diesel-powered gpu; each of them has its own unique set of advantages and drawbacks. GPUs powered by battery or solid-state technology are seen as more environmentally friendly, but GPUs powered by diesel technology have a large carbon footprint.