Best Quality Aircraft Support Equipment
Best Quality Aircraft Support Equipment
Best Quality Aircraft Support Equipment


Increased investments in airport infrastructure and demand for aircraft maintenance are expected to generate profitable growth opportunities for the manufacturers of electric and hybrid ground support equipment. Various government regulations, coupled with the increased demand for environmentally friendly equipment, will continue to drive demand for the electric and hybrid GSEs


Airport Support Equipment                     

Airport support equipment consist of the varied array of vehicles and equipment required to maintain the aircraft through loading and unloading passengers and cargo, maintenance, and other operations on the ground. The roles of the Ground Support Equipment typically include operations related to aircraft grounding, aircraft manoeuvring, and cargo/passenger loading operations. The company also provides a broad variety of types of ground support equipment, such as simulators to aid in the operations of the attached teams, ground test devices to check the installed hardware on aircraft, and airframe abort systems to the aircraft.

Monitoring and managing equipment and operations at an airport needs a quality aircraft support equipment. Wilcox ground services established since year 1962 provides comprehensive ground support equipment (GSE) solutions to airplanes and airfields to business, flight operations bureaus, maintenance operations, military, airline, and general aviation customers around the world.

When you have settled on a single supplier for aviation equipment with the products, services, and support that you require, you are in good hands. Reach out to learn how our comprehensive offerings can assist your airport, plane, or freight operations.



Oxygen bottle carts

The Oxygen Service Cart is available in a variant with either two or four bottles, and its unique design allows for loading and unloading of all cylinders of oxygen at once, with one person. The three-bottle oxygen service cart is simple to operate, with 5-wheel drive that provides maximum hand manoeuvrability within a hangar, as well as ease of towing it over ramps or runways. This oxygen tank cart is quiet, and simple to operate, and this oxygen bottle carts can be knocked down for more space saving, making transportation easier. The cylinder oxygen bottle cart should be designed especially for holding/carrying cylinders of oxygen and acetylene upright.

Light weight and designed to perform, the Wilcox oxygen Bottle Carts will become a key piece of your fleet. Wilcox Bottle carts are designed for work on the ramp, our containment have capacity to fill to carry up to 4 full size oxygen bottles at time, and filling can be done from anywhere efficiently.


Our system engineers have designed this system in order to drastically reduce the occurrence of personal injury when recharging cabin oxygen bottles. Our oxygen Bottle Cart is our only cart where you will find pneumatic tires standard, for smoothing the process of oxygen filling.