Airport ground support equipment
Airport ground support equipment
Airport ground support equipment


Are you ready for your new ground support equipment? Ground support equipment is an aviation industry term referring to the supporting equipment commonly found in airports, which is used for the maintenance of planes in-between flights. Wilcox Ground Services are a global aircraft ground support equipment manufacturer deals in providing custom built solutions for the Ground Support Equipment. Our manufacturing unit is Located In Milton Ontario, About 20 Minutes From The Toronto Pearson International Airport.


Container Dolly

Container Dolly also known as unit load device employing by aviation industries for easy loading and unloading of airfreight to aircraft. For maximum performance you can combine different versions of container dolly on your transport unit for easy shipment. These containers dollies are easy to clean and resistant to grease, cutting oils and other solvents. Wilcox ground services is pioneer is high strength, trays, boxes, flats, plastics, electronics, pharmaceutical, assembly industries and glass reinforced composite containers. We have diversified collection of shipping container dolly to meet the requirements of different applications and sectors with great load capacity. 


Airport Ground Support Equipment

Ground Support Equipment (GSE) is designed to support an aircraft’s operation while at the airport. With many roles that GSEs perform, it is critical that you know about the major types of equipment used in supporting planes in order to make sure that your airport has what is needed to ensure quality services. GSEs incorporate a wide variety of equipment, such as luggage pullers, which carry baggage, apron buses, which carry passengers onto planes, passenger stairs, and ground-based electrical units. GSE includes aircraft pull-backs & jacks, forklifts and elevators, trolleys, vehicles, air-conditioning tugs, loaders & bins, light-duty trucks, and other equipment used in the powers, pulls, and service roles.


Aviation infrastructure developments, including new airport construction as well as the expansion of existing airports, have increased further the demand for better ground support equipment and services. Wilcox Ground Services in Canada has the aviation ground support equipment all by certified welders and installers for smooth operations. We have custom Equipment for variety of Industries like Tire Carts, Propeller Maintenance Stands, Oxygen Bottle Carts, Airport Baggage carts Aviation Tool Boxes and custom Airport Ground Support Vehicles.