Treatments for HIV/AIDS by Safe Hands Clinic
Treatments for HIV/AIDS by Safe Hands Clinic
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There is a medical procedure that significantly reduces the chances of developing HIV in persons who are at high risk. Prep, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, is an antiretroviral drug that enables HIV-negative persons stay HIV-free even if they have sexual contact with HIV-positive or unknown partners without wearing a condom.


In this context, "HIV Specialist in Delhi" means having one or more HIV-positive sexual partners. It could also refer to having sexual relations in a region where HIV is prevalent, as well as one or more of the following risks:


HIV damages CD4 cells, also known as T cells, in your immune system. Your body has a hard time battling diseases if you don't have CD4 cells. This raises your chances of being really ill from illnesses that would usually be deemed harmless. AIDS is caused by HIV's long-term damage to your immune system.


If you experience a number of atypical illnesses (also known as opportunistic infections) or malignancies, or if you lose a particular amount of CD4 cells, you have AIDS. If you don't seek treatment for HIV, this happens roughly ten years after you have it. AIDS treatment can help you avoid or postpone the start of the disease.


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