The benefits of choosing a cosmetic Gynecology over non-surgical procedures
The benefits of choosing a cosmetic Gynecology over non-surgical procedures
The field of cosmetic gynecology is a new and growing specialty in the field of women's health. It's also a rapidly expanding industry in the United States, with revenue from cosmetic gynecology procedures expected to reach $1.5 billion by 2020. For a decade, most women consulted to find relief for their urinary incontinence or vaginal dryness.

Various options are available for women who want to enhance their appearance with vaginoplasty and labiaplasty procedures. If you're considering cosmetic gynecology as a new way to self-improve your appearance and manage urinary incontinence or vaginal dryness, here are some new options with less risk and recovery time than other surgical procedures. 


Vaginoplasty: A labiaplasty can leave the opening of the vagina with a somewhat unusual shape. It may happen if a surgeon cuts the labia minora to shorten them before the procedure begins. The most common surgical correction for the condition is a labiaplasty, which costs between $1,000 and $2,500.


Labial adhesions: A small amount of skin from one or both of the labia minora attaches to the vagina opening and causes a mild to severe narrowing that can be made worse by intercourse or exercise. The most common surgical correction for the condition is a labiaplasty, which costs between $1,000 and $2,500. Labial adhesions are very common in women of all ages.


Cosmetic surgery vs. non-surgical procedures:


The main difference between cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures is that the former is a surgical procedure that alters the appearance of one's body. At the same time, the latter is a non-invasive procedure. The top three cosmetic surgeries are:


  • Liposuction.

  • Breast augmentation.

  • Rhinoplasty.


Non-surgical procedures include laser hair removal and chemical peelings. The top three 

non-surgical procedures are laser hair removal, chemical peelings, and facelift/neck lift.


What is a Cosmetic Gynecology and How Does it Differ from a General Gynaecologist?


  • The term cosmetic gynecology refers to women who treat for concerns unrelated to the reproductive system. Cosmetic gynecologists focus on a woman's body's aesthetic and psychological aspects. They may also provide treatments for men, such as vasectomies and circumcision. Cosmetic gynecologists often specialize in aesthetics, sexual health, and body image. They can also be present in dermatology, plastic surgery, and dentistry.


  • Cosmetic surgery is a procedure that surgeons perform to change the body's appearance. It can involve surgical procedures, such as liposuction, plastic surgery, and breast augmentation.


  • Non-surgical procedures can improve the body's appearance without making any changes. These procedures can include Botox injections and laser hair removal.


Why Choose Cosmetic Surgery For Gynecological Problems?


Gynecological problems are often ignored and left untreated. It is because the symptoms of these problems are not easily visible, and the pain can be very intense. Women's most common gynecological issues are endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and fibroids. They can cause severe pain and discomfort in a woman's life. Cosmetic surgery is an excellent option to get relief from these types of issues. It gives women the freedom to live without pain or discomfort caused by their gynecological problems.


3 Ways to Find an Aesthetic Surgeon & Which One is Right for You?


There are three ways to find an aesthetic surgeon, and which one is right for you.


  • First, you can search online for a doctor in your area. It is a good start if you are looking for someone who has experience and training in cosmetic surgery.

  • Second, you can look into the Aesthetic Surgeon Directory. It is a directory of doctors that have been vetted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). The manual will provide information on each doctor's qualifications, experience, education, training, and fees. You can also find reviews from former patients to get an idea about how they work with their patients and what results they achieve.

  • Third, you can speak with your friends or family members who have had cosmetic surgery done by a cosmetic surgeon before you go to decide that it is the right option for you.


Which are the Best Cities to Find a Cosmetic Surgeon?


In the United States, over 3,000 cosmetic surgeons serve in various cities, hospitals, and private clinics, offering different treatments. New York, Los Angeles, and Miami are the best cities to find a cosmetic surgeon. These three cities are the most popular cosmetic surgeons because they offer a wide range of procedures. In Los Angeles, California, you can find the best and most updated cosmetic surgeon called dr. Kent, who initiated a clinic, called Dolores Kent. In the below section, we will discuss the Dolores Kent and the services they offer:


Dolores Kent:


Dolores Kent is the only clinic in the United States to offer affordable Cosmetic gynecology services. Dr. Kent has helped many women find the right path by educating them on the differences in procedures and offering unbiased, trusted advice. Dolores kent offers services: Blepharoplasty, Fat transfer, Liposuction, Perineorrhaphy, Radiofrequency treatments, Vaginal rejuvenation by laser, and Vaginal tightening by radiofrequency.


Who is Dr. Kent?


Dr. Kent is professionally certified and a Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Harvard alumni. After years of trial and error, Dr. Kent has perfected her approach to the ideal cosmetic surgery procedures, which come with an incomparable level of expertise and attention to detail. Dr. Kent is an ultimate source for perfecting your natural beauty, with laser hair removal, rhinoplasty services, various types of facial surgeries, body contouring methods, and more. 


From anti-aging treatments to achieving healthy beauty, she offers outstanding, avant-garde cosmetic and cosmetic gynecological surgery services to Los Angeles, California residents.


What Are the Surgeon's Responsibilities During a Surgical Procedure?


With the increasing use of surgical robots, surgeons face the challenge of making quick decisions in an operating room. Surgical assistants in the operating room help surgeons monitor patients' vital signs and do other tasks.

  • Surgeons are responsible for ensuring that their patients are safe and can meet their needs during a surgical procedure. It includes checking for any injuries or complications during surgery and ensuring that the patient is comfortable.

  • The surgeon is also responsible for ensuring that all staff members are trained to perform a particular procedure before it is performed on a patient.

  • Another responsibility includes providing all equipment used in the operating room is functioning correctly before performing a surgical procedure.


How to Reduce the Risk of GYN Problems With Cosmetics?


The risk of GYN problems with cosmetics is very high. It is mainly because the FDA does not regulate the ingredients used in cosmetics. The main concern for most women is that they will have to deal with the aftermath of an adverse reaction to a cosmetic product. However, it is possible to reduce this risk and prevent these problems using these few tips. Some ways you can reduce your risk are: 


  • Using natural products.

  • Using products approved by a dermatologist.

  • Using products without dyes or fragrances.

  • Using products that contain antioxidants.



Beauty changes as we age, and that's okay. Many women (and men) don't like the imperfections and wrinkles that come with aging. Frown lines, laugh lines, deep wrinkles, and dark circles can create a 'before' and 'after' look that people might not want to show off. At Aesthetic Clinics, patients can get a cosmetic gynecology consultation and professional cosmetic surgery services from the expert team.