Pain During Your Dental Visit
Pain During Your Dental Visit
It is understandable that many people fear dental procedures due to the pain involved. Technological advances in pain management are possible, and here we'll look at some of these advances.

How many of you out there are terrified to death of visiting the dentist? There are a lot of individuals that have a real problem with the pain associated with certain dental procedures. This anxiety is understandable, and we certainly hope that technological innovation will continue to produce devices that help with pain management. We thought it would be great to loop you into some of the technology currently on the market as far as pain management goes.

Vibrotactile Devices

These devices communicate sound through physical contact with the skin. This device vibrates, which helps to make procedures using it free of discomfort for the patients involved. The pressure of vibration gets to the brain quicker on thicker nerve tissue. The Vibraject is one of the most popular brands on the market. Regular needle injections hit thinner tissue, which is a reason for the pain associated with it.

Intra Osseus Anesthesia

This type of technology places local anesthesia directly into the cancellous bone adjacent to the tooth being operated on. This solves problems associated with using lidocaine to perform infiltration injections in the mouth. The Intraflow device is a simple one-step solution for anesthesia. This device minimizes facial numbness and discomfort without distorting the lip line. It is best used on patients with very low pain tolerance. It can also calm patients who are very anxious about their appointments.

Jet Injection Technology

This tech uses a high-pressure narrow jet of injection liquid instead of a needle. This is also powered by compressed air or gas. Jet injection technology is used as an alternative to needle syringes for diabetics who need insulin injections as well. The Med Jet H III is one of the most popular devices on the market.

At Emergency Dental Service, we are focused on providing our patients with the most comfortable and pain-free experience possible. It is because of some of the devices listed above that this is possible. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for your next dental emergency!

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