How to Take Care After Wisdom Teeth Removal?
How to Take Care After Wisdom Teeth Removal?
Wisdom teeth extraction causes some pain, and you need to take some rest. And, of course, recovery will take some time.

Wisdom teeth extraction causes some pain, and you need to take some rest. And, of course, recovery will take some time. Most patients recover soon, some may take a week to recover, and swelling and discomfort are typical for a few days. 


The wisdom teeth removal process affects everyone differently, affecting recovery time. However, to heal faster, you can take some steps.


It would help if you avoid smoking, spitting, eating hard foods, and chewing gum. Hot drinks need to be avoided. Eat liquid and soft food, so they do not dislodge the blood clot forming. For atleast 24 hours, avoid anything else that may dislodge the blood clots that form in the empty tooth socket as the blood clot helps heal faster.  


Sometimes they can cause side effects to the adjacent teeth. If the cyst is present, the impacted teeth can cause further damage to other teeth. 


You can ask Tooth Extraction Near Me for your wisdom teeth removal recovery. And can prevent the side effects of wisdom tooth removal.


Bite Down slowly on the Gauze Pad


After the extraction, the dentist will ask you to bite the gauze slowly to stop the bleeding from the extraction site. Do not gauze down quickly or hurt your wound. It can reopen the damage, making it complicated. 


Doing this forms blood clots and heals faster. The blood clot is essential to develop at the extraction site as they help to protect the exposed bone and wound from infection. 


Ice It


Use some ice at the extraction site to relieve the wisdom teeth removal pain. Icing the jaw and cheek can help control the swelling. Blood clot also helps ease the bruising that may occur during your surgery.


Use an ice pack for 15 to 20 minutes at the extraction site. Then, remove the ice pack from your face and let it rest for atleast 20 minutes before icing your face again. You can do this as much as possible for the first 36 to 48 hours after your wisdom teeth removal procedure. Call your Emergency Dentist and consider the following tips for more details.


Pain Medication Prescription


You can use a medication that your doctor will prescribe or ask your doctor to prescribe pain relief medicine. 


You may also have to take antibiotics to fight the infections. Complete the dosage even if the swelling has gone down. If you do not complete it, bacteria may attack your mouth. 


Make Sure Your Mouth Stays Clean

Keeping your mouth clean can help you heal faster. Clean your mouth gently with a soft brush and floss it. It helps in keeping germs away from the extraction part.  


You can rinse your mouth the day after the surgery. Use warm salt water to rinse, which can help your mouth stay healthy.

Take enough rest


Resting can be a good healing activity, stop other additional activities and take a rest. It can help reduce swelling, and stress can reduce strain on the blood vessels. 




Proper sleep speeds up the healing process of your body. Visit the dentist office near me if your swelling doesn't go or you have continuous pain at the extraction site. 


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