Disabilities affect the disabled and their caregivers
Disabilities affect the disabled and their caregivers
Disabilities are difficult for the disabled person but also, for the people who take care of them, family or friends. There is disability care available throughout Australia.

When a person is disabled, disability care services are available not just for the disabled person, but also for the family or friends who support them. A disability can be really tricky for everyone. Of course the primary person affected is the disabled person, but caring for a disabled person is really hard too and it does take its toll. If there is support available, and there is support available, then it makes complete and utter sense to use this support. In Australia there are disability support groups and services and they are used to handling and helping people with all kinds of disabilities.


A person can be born with a disability and need disability care but they can also become  disabled through an accident or through illness. All disabilities are difficult, no matter the circumstances, and all disabled need care and are deserving of care. The family who support the disabled person are deserving of care too. A foundation, a disability foundation, will support both the disabled person and the carers. A parent often feels they need to do everything for a disabled family member but the truth is, they cannot do everything and they do not need to do everything. They do not need to go it alone. While it is super important to be involved in the care, disability support workers specialise in disability work. And they do it with ease. And so for a family member or friend, where they can employ someone to come and support them, they should.

Disability care

Disability care takes many different guises. If a person is severely disabled, through illness or through an accident, they may need help getting dressed in the morning and getting undressed in the evening. They may need support with their meals, either having them made or being assisted with eating them, or with both of these needs. They may need someone to take them for a walk in the park, or even, to go swimming. If you look at public swimming pools, very often there are disability support workers doing swimming sessions with disabled people. There are all different kinds of disability care, and they go much further than just helping someone get dressed, bathed or fed.

Disability foundations

The primary carer of a disabled person is often exhausted to the point of disabled for them. It can be a full time job. There are several disability foundations that offer support. As the primary carer, perhaps you are the mother of a disabled child, you can get help from a disability foundation. They take the pressure off you. You do not have to do everything, in fact, you should not be thinking about doing everything. Work with a foundation who has experienced staff in disabilities. They will help you and the disabled person, in whichever shape or form that you need. The first thing you need to do is call a foundation and reach out for help. Ask for disability care services and get the help needed.