Buy Multipurpose Fitness Bench 7 In1 With Preacher From Artecue.Com
Buy Multipurpose Fitness Bench 7 In1 With Preacher From Artecue.Com
Effectively exercise the waist and abdomen muscles, enhance muscle strength and elasticity, and easily shape the abdominal muscle vest line. The bench is perfect for strengthening your core.

Sturdy and Durable – Multipurpose Fitness Bench is made from heavy duty strong and durable iron construction with ample padding that provides stability for all your exercises  making your workouts more effective. The Fitness Bench is perfect for strengthening your core.
Height Adjustable – The height of this Bench can be adjusted to meet your training needs. This ab bench offers different positions to ensure you get the right abdominal crunch workout. A good trainer for people to exercise with different degrees. Adjusts to six different positions for over 30 different exercises.
Multifunctional – This Bench is ideal for exercising abdomen, leg work out, push up, back sit up, dumbbell workout, abs, stretching, twists etc. You can use it to exercise different parts of your body which is really perfect for both men and women.
Non- slip Silicone sleeve – The foot supports a non-slip silicone sleeve design, which is safe and non-slip, does not hurt the floor, and is waterproof and stain-resistant. It ensures comfort and hygiene during fitness
Foam Roller Pads – Includes padded ankle and knee foam rollers. The foam rollers let you execute different exercise routines that target the hamstrings, quads, and glutes while also supporting proper form during a workout. Transform any space into a personal free weight fitness center.