Is all the talk about CBD skin care true?
Is all the talk about CBD skin care true?
When you see different CBD skincare products in stores and online, one question that might come to mind is, "Are these products as good as they sound?"

Is all the talk about CBD skin care true?

When you see different CBD skincare products in stores and online, one question that might come to mind is, "Are these products as good as they sound?"

I have to admit that I didn't always believe that CBD was good for your skin. I had tried this popular ingredient in oils, tinctures, and teas for pain, inflammation, appetite, sleep, anxiety, and depression. But I wasn't sure how CBD could help with skin care products.

As an adventurous person, I decided to try some skincare, cosmetics, and bath products with Hemp Moisturiser in them. After two weeks, the result was great, and I was especially happy that it helped get rid of wrinkles on my face.

Dr. K was made to help women who want to use the natural, holistic benefits of Hemp Moisturiser in their skincare routine and are interested in high-end products with it. We only sell high-quality skin care, makeup, and bath products that contain CBD from Hemp Moisturiser.

If you're wondering, "What could CBD do to your skin?" I'll make it easy for you.

What is CBD to begin with?

Cannabidiol, which is what CBD stands for, is one of the most common chemicals in the Cannabis sativa plant. You might be wondering, "Won't a compound from cannabis get me high?" No, it won't. That's the effect of the other active ingredient in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

But both Hemp Moisturiser and marijuana come from the same plant, cannabis. However, the 2018 Farm Bill makes it legal to use and consume hemp-based products with less than 0.3% THC. On the other hand, marijuana has more than 0.3% THC, and anything made from this plant is against the law because it can get you high.

Most topical products with CBD in them get their CBD from Hemp Moisturiser, which has less than 0.3% THC. CBD skin care products are everywhere, even in pharmacies and beauty shops, which makes sense. IT IS ALLOWED!

At Dr. K, our products are made with high-quality CBD from Hemp Moisturiser, and you can put them on your skin without worrying about getting high.

There's a lot of evidence that CBD can help with pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, nausea, insomnia, and a lot of other problems.

CBD is also very good at healing, which makes it a very popular ingredient for skin care.

Before I tell you about my favourite products, let's talk about how CBD can help your skin.

What benefits does CBD have for skin care?

CBD has great qualities that make it good for all types of skin:

CBD has a lot of antioxidants in it.

CBD's antioxidant properties help to protect the body from the damage caused by free radicals. In this way, CBD helps keep your skin looking young and healthy. This cannabinoid also helps your skin stay moist, which is great if you have dry skin.

CBD controls how much sebum is made.

Acne on the skin is often linked to the amount of sebum the skin makes. But CBD helps control how much of this oily substance is made by the skin, which helps a lot with acne over time. Also, CBD helps to make blackheads and large pores look less noticeable.

CBD can help with pain and inflammation.

CBD makes the skin less inflamed and calms down angry spots. This compound is good for people with psoriasis and eczema because it helps reduce inflammation.

When your skin hurts because of a flare-up, CBD can also help ease the pain.

The highest-quality CBD skin care products you can use.

Here are some high-quality skincare products I've tried myself and would recommend to any woman who wants to take a natural, holistic approach to her skincare routine and enjoy the full benefits of Hemp Moisturiser in skincare, cosmetic, and bath products:

CBD Bath Soaks (Variety of Scents): 

This CBD bath soak gives you the benefits of replenishing minerals, cannabinoids, and terpene-rich essential oils to clean your body, calm your mind, and wake up your senses. You can choose from 3 different inspiring scents to make your bath time more relaxing while getting all the benefits of CBD.

Sunset Vibes – Citrus CBD Body Butter: 

This Citrus CBD Body butter is full of organic ingredients, like whipped Shea butter with CBD and grapefruit essential oil. It makes you feel good, gives your skin a young glow and a smooth, luxurious feel, and leaves behind tropical scents to calm your mind.

Shine On – Full Spectrum CBD Face Oil – This facial oil is made with 150 mg of full spectrum CBD and other natural ingredients. It works quickly on any part of your skin. You can easily rub it into your skin to help soothe irritations and bring back your skin's natural glow.

Illuminate – Hemp Moisturiser: 

This Hemp Moisturiser is a safe and natural way to help make the skin around your eyes more elastic, calm, and soothe inflammation, and feed your skin with antioxidants. It helps sun-damaged, weak, and old skin look younger by getting rid of dark circles and other signs of ageing.

Many successful women have used these products with CBD, and they keep coming back to buy more.

Final Thought

Enough with those synthetic creams and lotions that are bad for you. You can use Hemp Moisturiser, makeup, and bath products to get good results without worrying about side effects.

Here's what I do: I take a CBD bath soak after a busy day at work. I use the Citrus CBD butter and Full Spectrum CBD Face Oil in the morning after a bath and in the evening before bed. I also use my Hemp Moisturiser after taking a CBD bath soak in the evening.

The outcome has been great! And any woman who wants to heal naturally and in a holistic way should think about adding these products to her routine.

CBD skincare really is worth all the hype.