Is Dental Crown a Good Option For Rebuilding Teeth Shape?
Is Dental Crown a Good Option For Rebuilding Teeth Shape?
Dental crowns can protect your tooth and work best if your teeth are uneven. Find out how dental crowns rebuild teeth shape from our dentist in Houston, TX.

Anyone who has had dental crowns can agree on how beneficial they are. Crowns not only last a long time, but they also improve the appearance of teeth, restoring a person's smile. A crown is used to protect a tooth from further harm. Others may need a crown to finish a bridge or implant surgery. If you have a tooth that is unevenly shaped or is unusually large or little, a dental crown may be an excellent alternative for you. Our dentists at Floss Midtown will help you to understand how dental crowns can rebuild your teeth' shape in this article.

What Is A Dental Crown?

Because of their durability and effectiveness, crowns are frequently the first choice. Ceramic or porcelain is the most common material used in crowns. Your Midtown dentist can also utilize gold or silver amalgam, as well as metal bonded to ceramic. Crowns are helpful at restoring the appearance of a tooth as well as its chewing capacity. Because the crown is natural-looking, it will appear to be a natural tooth.

Are Dental Crowns A Good Option For Rebuilding Teeth Shape?

Your favorite dentist in Midtown will help you to understand why dental crowns are the best option.

Addresses Patient’s Needs

When a tooth is damaged, your Midtown dentist will ask you to get a crown. Chips, cracks, and fractures can occur as a result of decay or injury. Crowns can help to strengthen and protect weak teeth, as well as conceal cavities that are too large for a filling to cover. If only one or a few teeth are stained, a crown may be a useful option for teeth whitening. The dental care professional can tint the crown to the exact shade of white that you require.

Size & Shape Issues

Crowns are the best option if your teeth are worn down or come in at odd angles. People who are concerned about these issues should schedule an appointment at our dental office to discuss treatment options. X-rays and impressions of the person's teeth will be taken by your dentist in Midtown. The dentist can make a crown of the correct size and shape after evaluating the photographs. This can help you to get a smile makeover by ensuring that all of your teeth have a uniform appearance.

We hope this article has provided you with the relevant information. Book an appointment with us at Floss Dental Midtown if you are looking for dental crowns in Houston, TX.