3 Ways Kava Can Help You Create Meaningful Connections
3 Ways Kava Can Help You Create Meaningful Connections
Making new personal connections is hard. Whether you’re trying to make new friends, dating, or trying to forge better connections with family, they all have their challenges. One of those challenges is opening up. You want to share thoughts and feelings, but it can seem like they get stuck in your throat. How can you get them unstuck? Kava drinks might be able to help! Here’s how.

Making new personal connections is hard, especially when you’re looking for meaningful connections. Whether you’re trying to make new friends as an adult, trying your hand at the dating scene, or doing your best to forge better connections with family members, they all come with their own unique challenges. One of those challenges is simply opening up. Of course, there’s no “simply” about it. It’s tough! You want to share thoughts and feelings, but it can seem like they’re too difficult to put into words.

What if there was a way to get those thoughts and feelings unstuck? No, there’s no magic solution that can take care of it for you. But there is kava. Kava is derived from plants grown throughout the South Pacific and Southeast Asia. When enjoyed as a beverage, it can be used as a social lubricant. It can even be used as an alcohol alternative. But how does it help you make personal connections? Here’s everything you need to know.

Kava Helps You Open Up

For centuries, kava drinks have been enjoyed during all kinds of social functions among various cultures in the South Pacific. There’s a good reason why. It helps people open up! In that respect, it can be similar drinking alcohol. You may feel less inhibited and more apt to share thoughts and feelings. No, you’re not inebriated. It’s a different kind of lack of inhibition. When you drink kava, you continue to think clearly, but you can also feel more social.

When you’re out with friends—or working on establishing new connections—kava can help put you in a more conversational state of mind. When the conversation flows, that’s a good feeling. You feel more engaged and “in the moment.” Who knows what you might learn and what newer or deeper connection might be made?

Kava Breaks Through Occasional Feelings of Social Anxiety

If there’s one thing that can get between you and forging new relationships, it’s occasional feelings of social anxiety. We all feel it from time to time, and kava can help break that barrier. Kava drinks contain kavalactones, which help you feel calm or relaxed. When you feel calm, feelings of tension seem to melt away.

When the tension is gone, it can become easier to interact with others. This makes kava great for meeting new people—especially on the dating scene. You may have swiped right, and you may have exchanged a few messages, but that first in-person meeting can be absolutely nerve-wracking. Enjoying a kava drink before going out can help ease your social anxiety. That way, when you sit down to get to know one another, it feels more natural.

Kava Brings Bliss to Social Interactions

Kava is a euphoric drink. After you drink it, it doesn’t take long before you start to feel sensations of bliss wash over you. When it comes to forging connections, these feelings can be incredibly useful. They can even be transformative. When you feel blissful, you’re more likely to open up, but more than that, you may also be more receptive to the other person.

This openness is one of the keys to forging a successful connection. It’s all about being open and receptive to what the other person has to say. Yes, being able to open up yourself is crucial, but that’s only part of the whole equation. When you’re more open and able to really listen to what the other person has to say, you can respond better. From there, a healthy back-and-forth dialog has the potential to build some wonderful connections.

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