How Long Does It Take To Become A Yoga Teacher In India?
How Long Does It Take To Become A Yoga Teacher In India?
In India, it takes a significant amount of time to become a yoga instructor. The opportunities to become an expert yoga teacher trainer is numerous.

The spirit of yoga can only be discovered when the yoga teacher trainer is absolutely passionate and willing to learn the wisdom of yoga every day.


Yoga and teacher training programs.


Being the birthplace of yoga, India has come a long way in sharing it’s abundant knowledge of yoga. From literary scriptures to balanced asanas, Yoga is just flawless in every dimension. Years of experience in consistent learning and teaching yoga made me understand one thing. “If yoga is a symphony, yogic lifestyle is an everlasting classic”.


Yoga teacher training programs have become increasingly popular in India and other countries. The reason could be anything like acknowledging the ancient wisdom and teaching for a better world or it might be just getting a good paycheck and traveling around the world. Yes, I see you are an enthusiast and you are really interested in becoming a yoga teacher trainer. But let me remind you with only one thing. Why do you want to become a yoga instructor and how do you see yourself in the coming years as a certified yoga instructor? There’s an ultimate learning experience as well as yoga teacher business plans.


The path


In India, it takes a significant amount of time to become a yoga instructor. The opportunities to become an expert yoga teacher trainer is numerous. Below mentioned are some universal ways to be a part and become one…


  1. Bachelor's and master's degree in yoga
  2. Yoga teacher training programs
  3. Physical volunteering shortcuts.


Whatever the endeavor you might begin, one advice from our years of experience would be is to participate in yoga for at least a few years prior. Yoga is something that progresses with you over the years of your personal and philosophical attachment to it. The teacher training programs or degrees are obvious accredited certifications that’ll help your professional teaching career in yoga. But, the true heritage can only be explored when you are ready to embrace yoga from its inception.


Let us acknowledge each stream in detail to move forward in yoga as a career.

Bachelors in yoga.


There are close to 250 colleges available in India for both bachelor's and master's programs in yoga. For a bachelor's, it would take apparently three years to complete, and for a master's, it would be another two years.


Bachelor's in yoga is one of the most prominent programs to become a yoga instructor. The philosophy embedded inside the bachelor's is an ultimate curation from years of practices and literary scriptures. Bachelor is a six-semester program with many physical, spiritual, and literary practices. This degree will help you in propelling your career as a full-time tutor with both Indian and International opportunities.


The curriculum is mostly on the fundamentals of human anatomy, microbiology, chemistry, Ayurveda, outlooks, diets, remedies, health, stages, and other nature of yoga.


Masters in yoga


Master’s in yoga is an outstandingly efficient program for seekers who are naturally passionate about yoga and survival with it. This intense program evidently lasts for 2 years. With fundamental and philosophical understandings, the master's program is distinctively designed for therapy and treating illnesses like psychosomatic disorders and others. The nature of masters will help in upbringing your potential learning to the extreme.


With all the yoga teacher resources required, the master's program is internationally accredited with certification. The possibilities are unlimited for you to make a career as a yoga teacher trainer with masters.


Yoga teacher training programs


To be very honest, the yoga teacher training programs are what people consider in the first place to become a yoga tutor. Any yoga studio around the world could possibly offer two major programs for an individual to become a yoga teacher trainer irrespective of their background.


In general, the two teacher training programs with yoga resources are…


  1. 200-hour yoga teacher training program
  2. 500-hour yoga teacher training program


The 200-hour yoga teacher training program would last for 4 weeks with all the prominent practices and deep meditation. For beginners who are just getting into yoga, this program will cover the major surface of yoga. Also, this could be the least amount of time given to become a certified yoga instructor.


From the perspective of a yoga teacher business plan, we wouldn’t recommend you stop here and hustle to train people. In case of any accidental incident, while you train people, the company might be sued along with you for allowing a basic certified trainer to teach yoga.


The 500-hour yoga teacher training program is the expert choice to become a yoga instructor in the long run. The accredited certificate is highly qualified with all the physical and spiritual training. This is an 8-10 week program or could last for 4-5 months depending on the yoga studio and their curriculum.


This program is a perfect fit for all the people who deliberately pick yoga as their career and who have thoughts of opening a yoga facility someday. The intense program is taught in different levels with different practices and philosophical wisdom. Your act and commitment to yoga will bless you with the required credibility to become a yoga teacher trainer in the long run.




Many people choose the wrong ways to do the right thing. Just like there’s always some wisdom to learn on our free will, there’s always a roadmap to work on our will. People opt to shortcuts because it is  an easy path to join the stream.

As per our sources and looking at various interns skipping all the fundamental and spiritual exercises, we found out the harsh truth that people are ready to do the unethical thing.



Final words


Summing it up, let me take you on a round tour on the journey of how long would it take to become a yoga teacher trainer.


      Apparently, it takes around three to five years to become a proficient yoga instructor by doing bachelor's and master's.

      Another effective way can be by joining in 200-hour to 500-hour yoga teacher training courses. Some of the popular yoga studios can be found at Rishikesh and Goa in India.


The ideal process would be like


      Join in an institution

      Get trained

      Get Certified

      Start working


      Maintain a personal certification if possible.