Make Godzilla in Little Alchemy 1
Make Godzilla in Little Alchemy 1
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1: Build the city.To create Godzilla in the original form from Little Alchemy, you'll need to blend a dinosaur with the city. One of the fastest methods to build the city is to mix village and village, however, it is also possible to combine skyscraper and skyscraper. We'll give you two methods to create the city:


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  • Combine village and village:
    • Mix earth with the water to create the mud.
    • Mix the mud with the fire to create bricks.
    • Mix the brick with brick to create the walls.
    • Mix the wall as well as wall to create the home.
    • Combine houses together with the house to form the village.
    • Blend villages as well as villages to create one town.
  • Combine skyscraper and skyscraper:
    • Combine with fire with liquid water to create steam..
    • Mix earth with the water to create the mud.
    • Mix air with steam to create clouds.
    • Mix the fire and dirt to create Brick.
    • Mix air with clouds to create the sky.
    • Mix with brick with brick to create a walls.
    • Join the wall as well as wall to make a home.
    • Mix houses with the sky to create a the skyscraper.
    • Mix the skyscraper with the skyscraper to create cities..

2. Create the dinosaur.Now that you have an entire city, it's time to build the dinosaur. To create a dinosaur, you'll have to mix the lizard and time:

  • Mix air with the water to create rain..
  • Combining with rain with the earth to create an flowering plant.
  • Mix plants with dirt to form the appearance of a the swamp.
  • Mix with air with the fire to create the energy.
  • Mix the energy as well as swamp to create your life.
  • Blend earth with flame to create the lava.
  • Combine the lava with Air to form stones.
  • Mix stones with living things to create eggs. egg.
  • Mix eggs with the swamp to create the Lizard.
  • Combine stones with air to create sand..
  • Combine the sand together with flame to create glasses.
  • Mix glasses with the sand to create the perfect time.
  • Combining the time and the lizard to create the prehistoric dinosaur.

3. Combine city and dinosaur to create Godzilla.

  1. Now that you've got both dinosaurs and cities that is a dinosaur, you can combine them to result in Godzilla.

Make Godzilla in Little Alchemy 2

1. Find the Time element (optional).In Little Alchemy 2, Godzilla is named Kaiju the monster that is common in Japanese film, especially fantasy. 2. 2.Kaiju is created by combining two dinosaurs with cities, similar to the creation of Godzilla from the original Little Alchemy 1. The fastest method of making Kaiju is to use access to the time component.

  • After you've collected the 100 elements and you'll receive the time element instantly. 3 3You cannot create time using other elements. You only get it.
  • There's a method of making Kaiju with no time factor, however it's a bit more time-consuming. The two recipes will be discussed for those who don't want to gather 100 elements before you start.

2. Create the city.To make Kaiju (Godzilla) in any way, with and without time it is necessary to construct a city.

  • Mix earth with the water to create the mud.
  • Mix with mud with flame to create bricks.
  • Mix with brick with brick to create the Wall.
  • Mix the wall as well as wall to create the home.
  • Combine houses with the house to create the village.
  • Blend the village as well as villages to create one town.

3. Create a dinosaur using timing.Now that you have the city, you'll need to build a dinosaur, that you can join with the city to create Kaiju. If you've got an element of time, time factor, creating the dinosaur is easy:

  • Mix air with the air to create the pressure.
  • Combining tension together with Earth to create the stone.
  • Mix water with the water to form the Puddle.
  • Combine Puddle with the puddle to create the Pond.
  • Combine the pond with Pond to create a the lake.
  • Mix the lake as well as lakes to create the sea.
  • Mix the sea with the earth to create the most primordial soup.
  • Mix the base soup with some time to create the life of.
  • Blend earth with the earth to create the land.
  • Combine the land with living things to create animals.
  • Combining the animal as well as stones to create the lizard.
  • Mix the lizard as well as time to make a the dinosaur.

Create a dinosaur with no time.If you're not equipped with the time factor however, you can still create dinosaurs. Here's how:

  • Mix air with the air to create the pressure.
  • Combining tension together with Earth to form stones.
  • Mix water with liquid to form the Puddle.
  • Combine the puddle together with the puddle to form an water pond.
  • Combine the pond with pond to create a lakes.
  • Mix lakes as well as the lake to create the sea.
  • Mix ocean with the earth to create the most primordial soup.
  • Mix with fire with the fire to create an energy source.
  • Mix the soup of life with the energy to create your life.
  • Blend earth with the earth to create the land.
  • Combine the land as well as the life to create an animals.
  • Combine the anima with stones to create Lizard.
  • Mix with land with the land to create a the continent.
  • Mix continent and continent to create the planet.
  • Mix water with dirt to create the mud.
  • Mix the mud together with stones to create clay.
  • Mix clay with living things to create humans.
  • Combine stones with air to create sand..
  • Combine the sand with flame to create glasses.
  • Combine the planet as well as flame to create the sun.
  • Combine the sun with the energy to create a solar cells..
  • Combine solar cells with the sun to produce electric power.
  • Make use of electricity with glass to create a light bulbs.
  • Mix the lightbulb as well as the human to come up with an an idea.
  • Mix the idea with the human to create the concept of philosophy.
  • Mix your philosophy and the earth to create huge

5. Combine city and dinosaur to create Kaiju.

Now that you've got both dinosaurs and cities and a city, the combination of these two creates Kaiju.