Why are software and app updates important to you?
Why are software and app updates important to you?
The Article covers the topic Why are software and app updates important to you? Learn from Sandra Estok Why are software updates so important in cyber world.

How often do you update the software and apps on your phone?

Once a year?

Once a month?

Once a week?

Are you thinking to yourself, “Wait, I'm supposed to update them?” aren't they supposed to be updated automatically?

I know that many people say that they don't understand why they should be updating their software and apps. Many think it's a waste of time and, really, why bother? Many others don't legitimately know how.


Are software updates on my devices actually important?

I often use this analogy to explain why updating your software and apps often is not only necessary, but essential to optimal cyberhealth:

Let's say there was an incident that resulted in one of the walls of your home having a big hole that a grown person can fit into. This means that anyone can easily sneak into the house in the middle of the night to steal your precious items.

If you could physically see a hole in your wall, you'd fix it right away, yes?

This situation can be compared to the software and apps installed on your devices.

Over time, software will develop ‘holes' – that will get larger and affect our devices. These holes known as software vulnerabilities will allow Cybermonsters to sneak through and potentially hack your data. And cybercriminals love finding the holes and security flaws because it makes things easier for them to infect your computer, phone or electronic devices. 

Cybermonsters create special programs or malicious software aka malware that can target the vulnerabilities in your operating system or in your apps. Simply by visiting a website or opening a malicious message or video you can trigger the malicious program that can easily steal your data.

This is why it's so ESSENTIAL to update your operating system and your apps. By updating them, you are safeguarding your electronic devices, assuring they will be safe and avoiding any of those holes and weaknesses keeping Cybermonsters out of your devices.

Think about all the critical information you keep on your phone, computer and tablet? What is at risk is your personal data, your emails, your bank account information, your contacts for customers, family and friends, your pictures, and so much more. It’s time to take charge of your cyber safety!



To update the operating system or software on your phone, it's actually quite simple! All you need to do is look in your settings for updates – notifications will pop up telling you when updates are available. Make sure to click to update when it first is available, that way you won't forget.


How to update your apps on your Android device

oOpen the Google Play store app. At the top right on your screen, tap the profile icon. Tap Manage apps & devices. Check out if there is an update available and tap on update. Done!


To update your apps on iPhone

Go to your App Store. At the top right on your screen tap the profile/picture icon. Scroll down to Upcoming Updates and tap Update All. Done! 


Three extra tips and recommendations when updating your software

  1. To safely update your devices is best to use your home Wi-Fi instead of public Wi-Fi in a hotel or public location.
  2. Before traveling, schedule to update all your electronics to close the holes so that you can have Peace of Mind Online and enjoy your trip.
  3. Another way you can protect yourself is to turn off location sharing when possible on your apps. Locations can let hackers, scammers, and Cybermonsters see where you are, putting yourself at risk. Ask yourself, does this app really need my location?


Do you have any other tips for mindful app use? I can't wait to hear them!

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