What is VIP Protection and how does it work?
What is VIP Protection and how does it work?
People's perception of VIP protection work is influenced by what they see in movies and TV. These include all the bodyguards that "take a bullet" at work while on vacation. It is quite the opposite.

Who is VIP Protection for?

VIP stands for VIP Protection, which is a very high level of protection in public places. Cornerstone security & Transport works with some of the most prestigious personalities in the Kingdom and Entertainment, Sports, Diplomacy. Diplomacy is also a key part of our work.

VIP protection does NOT take into consideration the individual, but often family and property.

These individuals are "known" to the general public, even if they are in the spotlight. Sphere, but it is our responsibility keep them safe, allow their daily lives to continue, neutralize them, and give them the confidence to live their normal lives.

What is VIP protection?

The VIP Protection Office's role is varied and can be adapted to suit each position. Each mission has its own unique qualities that are related to VIP protection bonds.

As stated earlier, the VIP Protection Officer's role is to keep the guards accountable and stay out of sight.

The VIP protection team worked hard to plan and ensure that all positions were identified.

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Excellent Communication Skills

For VIP Protection Officers, communication skills are crucial. Pajamas are for those who care for them, on the other hand.

You will have to move fast while working.

Is he a VIP official?

Good planning is not enough. Communication skills and training are also important.

Protection work is not complete without protection. Communication skills are essential to communicate a feeling of total control.

Anticipation is another valuable trait. Find out about your reservations before they develop and ensure that you have all the goodies, treats and promises.

Cornerstone Security & Transport offers VIP protection in Vancouver.