What Is Pillar Candle & Why This Is Packed In Custom Packaging Boxes?
What Is Pillar Candle & Why This Is Packed In Custom Packaging Boxes?
If the packaging is nice, people assume that the product will also be good. Which offers them an indication of the product's quality.

Pillar candles are tall and durable, as their name suggests. The best option for candles with a long burn time and a spectacular appearance is a pillar candle. These candles can vary in height, thickness, number of wicks, and color. They usually employ denser wax, which results in a longer burn time.

Usually, the quantity and nature of a candle's ingredients determine how long it takes to burn fully. As a result, while choosing pillar candles, height and diameter are crucial considerations. For instance, a three-inch-diameter, six-inch-tall pillar candle may burn for up to 75 hours. Also smokeless, these candles. The efficiency of wax burn is also crucial. The candles with the longest burn times should be of good quality. If you use high-quality wax and wicks designed particularly for pillars, your pillar experience will be sustained and full of flame.

When it comes to pillar candles, there are several alternatives available, not just in terms of size but also in terms of:  

·         Color

·         Type of wax

·         Shape

·         Layers

·         Number of wicks

·         Design

·         Texture  

One of the first designs of the candle was the large pillar candle. Which is typically 5 to 8 inches tall by 2 to 3 inches wide. Like many design classics, pillar candles never go out of style. They have several qualities that have contributed to their longevity. They are highly economical since they burn slowly. We have pillar candles, for instance, which, if the light on Monday morning, would still be glowing on Friday night. They often burn for 120 hours. Even the smaller ones will continue to burn for more than 50 hours.  

Why Pillar Candles Are Packed In Custom Packaging Boxes & Benefits Of Using Custom Packaging Boxes For Pillar Candles?   

Any product's packaging is very important. It offers the product total protection.  

For A Beautiful Appearance

To give these custom candle boxes a smooth and velvety appearance, a thin coating has been sprayed on them. This thin layer is referred to as lamination. The candle packing boxes are protected from external forces by this covering. For instance, heat, moisture, dust, filth, inside and outside microbes, and other factors that might harm objects made of wax. Additionally, it helps to safeguard the goods that are kept inside of them. The lamination options include gloss, matte, aqueous, spot UV, and semi-matte AQ. This coating gives the boxes a smooth, velvety look that improves both their aesthetics and shelf life.   


Wax is used to make candles. It implies that they are readily breakable. The candles' form will be altered by any additional pressure. Additionally, it can damage the candles' internal thread. Companies must thus take every precaution to preserve the candles. They have put a lot of money into their goods. They must be beautiful and distinctive. Protection of product is most important factor and custom packaging is best for this.

Attract The Customers  

Many businesses manufacture candles. Thus, the populace has several options. They always see a collection of candles set out in front of them when they go into a store to buy a candle. They are free to pick anybody they want. They are all unique from one another. But they seek out candles with the most distinctive packaging. If the packaging is nice, people assume that the product will also be good. Which offers them an indication of the product's quality. Additionally, food businesses advertise the advantages of purchasing their goods. People can read those and then decide after doing so. They will purchase the same candle the next time they go candle shopping. As a result, they become a consistent client of the business.  

Windows Can Be Used To Reinforce The Boxes

Another aspect that might enhance the candle container's exterior design is the addition of window panes. I suggest using this since it provides you with a clear representation of the product. And gives the customer a sense of the product. The die-cut windows may be inserted into the boxes' top or front. These are great options for wrapping gifts.  

Print Your Company Logo For Brand Recognition

Companies use customized boxes with their logos to packaging their high-end goods. This helps in product promotion without incurring additional costs. The logo may be printed using a variety of techniques, though. Companies may print their well-known logos using a variety of font styles and colors.

Beneficial Characteristics

Making candle packing boxes out of cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated has some benefits.

·         They are suitable for graphic and laser printing as well as all other forms of printing.

·         Since they do not affect the environment, they are all environmentally friendly.

·         They have a wide range of secondary uses and are completely recyclable.

·         They produce candle boxes that truly broaden the viewpoint of the consumer.    

Role Of Material In Packaging Of Pillar Candle

Every product can communicate with consumers. In other words, the package was customized. Candle boxes are therefore very significant. As a result, candle packaging businesses employ a range of materials.

Cardboard Material

The candle box's strength comes from this compressed material. Which also shields the exquisite crystal glass holding the candle wax from harm.   

Kraft Paper

Another material that works well for candle packaging is Kraft paper. The broad specifications of this box show that it is adaptable and strong. Making it ideal for fragile and heavy goods like wine bottles. Furthermore, both materials make it easy to introduce windows.   

Corrugated Packaging

A different kind is corrugated boxes. It is the most durable material and suitable for candle transportation needs anywhere in the world. Its layer guard against jerks, unexpected shocks, and other physical harm to fragile goods like candles. Folding boxes and rigid boxes are the two categories into which all custom-printed candle boxes fall. Both options are common selections for candle packing. Rigid candle packing boxes don't need pricey dies, unlike folding boxes. They have a significant influence on customers, are more durable, and do not require a setup for product delivery.