The Best Options for Custom Product Boxes
The Best Options for Custom Product Boxes
Exclusive Custom Product boxes make your new products look unique in customers’ eyes. Find the best style options for product packaging boxes in this post!

Every time you launch a new product, you cannot simply pack it in standard packaging with a fixed size and dimension. Considering the competitive market, you have to deal with; standard packaging will not give you good results. Instead, if you wish to make your products look unique, you need to pack and present them in exclusive custom printed product boxes. The best part is that you can choose suitable options from various styles of boxes. So, let’s check out the best options you can choose to design the right boxes!

A Beautiful Window Style for Custom Printed Product Boxes

A beautiful window style for custom product boxes will be perfect if you want to give a memorable first glimpse. This transparent window will do more than simply show off your products inside.

Moreover, by choosing a window style for your boxes, you show to customers that you are:

·         Being honest in displaying the actual shapes and conditions of your products

·         Maintaining a strong relationship with your beloved customers based on trust and integrity

·         Providing a better experience for customers when purchasing your products

Once you make it to gain customer trust, your products will generate good sales without you realizing it. Better yet, being honest with your customers will help you shape a reputable image of your brand in the market.

A Pillow Style for Trendy Product Packaging Boxes

Making your products look trendy will give benefit for your brand. We know that modern customers always search for products that look innovative and up-to-date. Designing your product packaging boxes in a trendy pillow style will be a smart marketing move in this case.

This packaging style comes with a distinctive layout to highlight your products. For this reason, a pillow style is famous amongst many brands in various industries, including:

·         The cosmetic industry

·         The food and bakery industries

·         The pharmacy industry

·         The gift industry

Hundreds of brands from the industries above have been designing their packaging boxes in this modern pillow style. The results they get are tremendous as they can generate more profits for their businesses. So, yes, we can confidently say that this style can be an ideal option to present your new products!

A Convenient Gable Style is Awesome for Wholesale Product Boxes

If you are offering food items, you might have been familiar with a convenient gable style for wholesale product boxes. This packaging style comes with a lovely and comfortable handle on the top of the boxes. This handle feature provides more convenience for customers to carry their food items everywhere.

What’s more, this style is also perfect for giving bakery items for gifts. To turn your boxes into beautiful gifts, you can try out adding some decorative elements such as:

·         A beautiful ribbon or lace to tie your boxes around

·         Sparkling glitter effects to make your boxes look shinier

·         Trendy hangtags to let customers fill the receivers’ names

When you can make those customers love to purchase from your brand, inspiring them to share their unboxing videos will be very easy. Yes, you might have seen some unboxing videos on the internet where customers share their ordered products. Imagine how many prospects you can get when your customers make their unboxing videos with your products inside!

An Innovative Display Style for Custom Product Packaging Boxes

To get more eyes to pay attention to your products, an innovative display style will be perfect when designing custom product packaging boxes. This display style allows you to place multiple new products in one exclusive box. In addition, there are various types of displays you can choose according to your needs and preferences.

For instance, you can choose:

·         Countertop display

·         Floor display

·         Display boxes with inserts

And other amazing options

You can choose the right type that you think will fit your products and packaging needs. Once you choose the suitable one, you can simply arrange the box in a strategic place in the retail store. This way, no customer will ignore your products!

A Two-Piece Style Makes Your Boxes Elegant

A two-piece style will be ideal if you want to make your boxes elegant. As the name suggests, the packaging layout comes in two pieces. One of the wonderful features of these boxes is that they are easy to customize. Not only will you get the chance to decide the size and dimensions of your boxes. More than that, you can also make the boxes look more captivating with printing and coating options.

Some of the popular printing and coating options you can apply to your two-piece boxes are such as:

·         Soft texture combined with gold or silver foiling

·         Bright color combinations combined with UV Spot to highlight the boxes

·         A glossy lamination will work well to emphasize your brand’s authentic design

Whatever design ideas you have in your mind, you can apply them to your boxes. Better yet, the printing style will make the boxes look classier in customers’ eyes.

A Drawer Style Is Amazing for Custom Product Boxes

A drawer style is another amazing style you can choose for your custom product boxes. This packaging style is famous in the cosmetic industry. In addition, you will find some stationery and gift products wrapped in this packaging style.

The layout of this style makes an unboxing experience becomes more memorable. To make a better first impression, you can add a lovely window shape to this drawer style as well. In addition, you can also apply a beautiful coating option to make your boxes look more exceptional on the shelves. As a result, you can deliver a more unforgettable product presentation to your customers.

Final Ideas

Choosing the right style for your custom product boxes will help you highlight your new products on the shelves. Eventually, exclusively designed boxes will perfectly display your products and grab more customers. Hopefully, the style options we revealed above will help you to choose the best one. Of course, you should also keep your branding strategy in mind when choosing the style for your boxes. To design the right boxes for promoting your new products, you can rely on the packaging specialists at CustomProductBoxes!