Launch a distinctive NFT Marketplace Cryptopunks Clone and start trading modern arts
Launch a distinctive NFT Marketplace Cryptopunks Clone and start trading modern arts
Get to know about the blurry images that have been running successfully in the digital market

The various forms of NFTs are traded within the marketplaces and are yielding a tremendous amount of income for many individuals who evolve on the platform. Digital assets such as arts and music are tokenized as NFTs and are traded in the storefront of the marketplaces. One such platform is Cryptopunks Clone. The growth of NFTs is enormous and creates a buzz in the digital markets.

What is Cryptopunks Clone?

Cryptopunks are the 24*24 pixel funny characters created and stored on the ethereum blockchain. They hold specific values when they are traded among the marketplaces. These cryptopunks have been sold for a greater amount beyond other tokens in the marketplaces.

Cryptopunk clones are the xerox of the Cryptopunks developed on the Ethereum blockchain. It is the same and has the same attributes that the original version poses. It paves way for the audiences and the digital collectors to buy and sell the digital heads on a higher bid and acquire greater income for them.

In the Cryptopunks clone marketplace variety of digital heads can be created, they are;

  • Female 

  • Male

  • Alien

  • Zombie

  • Ape

The different versions of tokens are traded in the cryptopunks clone platform and the digital collectors turn their interset towards the specific tokens and open the gates for them to earn more money.


With the brief knowledge about Cryptopunks clones, if you are an art enthusiast or NFT aspiring user you can own a cryptopunks clone for yourself and trade enormous money. At INORU we provide the customization of white-label marketplaces as the platform which your business needs by that you can become a millionaire. Reach out to us soon and get yourself onboard to the route of being a millionaire.

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