ISO 27001is an international standard for organization’s information security management system that outlines handling of sensitive information more securely via a risk-based approach. It also requires the said organizations to identify potential threats and adopt required controls to tackle them, proactively and effectively. This can be used for organizations of any size or industry to protect information in an effective and systemic way.

The standard gives more importance to organized process in order to keep a track of the various activities being carried out in the organization, manages risk by providing solutions to securely maintain data and more.

If your organization collects or captures sensitive customer data and has a need to manage this securely, you may want to adopt this standard. The best part is, the provisions that are available under this standard can be used across all the departments and not just IT.

Why is ISO 27001 important?

  • Customer satisfaction is of utmost priority to any organization and retrieving customer for upcoming future, needs confidence in providing future advancement that are more secure and more liable, investors today think of safety aspects more than the profit hence they find out an effective and safe way to manage their investment, ISO 27001 provides solution to all the above aspects. Furthermore,
  • For IT Companies: Effective management of data is key role for most of the IT companies, ISO 27001 provides a capable way to manage their information and provides a framework to manage risk.
  • For Financial Organization: Maintaining security to financial information of the customers is deep concern to most of the financial companies, policy building plays a great role in terms of financial aspects. ISO 27001 provides an effective way to keep a track of secure information access.
  • For Government Organizations: Confidential data needs to be managed more effectively, most of the government companies give more importance to solutions that can help in maintaining the data confidentiality, ISO 27001 provides a solution to handle confidential data.
  • ISO 27001 provides a methodology that can help companies find out which potential incident can occur to their security structure thus assuring an advanced information management system.
  • ISO 27001 provides an effective way to build policies that lay a platform for financial institutes, customers, employees to grow with the organization as it assures effective risk management process. Read more....