Hemp Products No Nonsense. Just Pure CBD
Hemp Products No Nonsense. Just Pure CBD
Are you looking for a CBD rich hemp oil? Buy hemp products; it is processed in state-of-the-art, technologically efficient facilities that are cGMP-certified and operate in a food-grade environment. Shop our hemp product online today!

Hemp Products
No Nonsense. Just Pure CBD.



It’s admittedly a complicated environment out there when it comes to CBD. How do you find a reputable company? How do you know that they meet certain standards? How do you know they care about what they do? And how do you ensure that what is on the label is what is in the package?

These are all important questions to ask and receive answers for before getting into the CBD game. Like with anything, becoming informed and educated by being your own best advocate can only help you in your CBD quest. And a great company like LifesourceCBD has all those answers, does all those things and provides all of that in the package we deliver directly to your doorstep.

So, where to begin?

Well, how about this; what is the deal with the hemp plant, CBD and CBD rich hemp oil that comes from hemp and where do you go to buy hemp products (hint hint wink wink)?

To begin with, did you know hemp and the products derived from it are now legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, signed into law by-then President Trump at the urging of senior farm state political leaders? So that is the first thing to recognize; hemp and CBD are legal in the United States and you need only tread lightly when it comes to finding good, high-quality product, but need not worry about legalities.

It begins in places like Southern Illinois and Kentucky, where LifesourceCBD is from, host to some of the most rich farming environment for the growth of high-quality hemp which we then process into CBD rich hemp oil and present them to order on the website.

Until recently, our products were only manufactured and available for a few select private clients, but after too many drum beats of ‘you should make this available to everyone,’ we did and now you can order CBD rich hemp oil directly on the website where we can package it and ship it directly to your home.

CBD rich hemp oil is best procured from higher quality hemp, processed in state-of-the-art, technologically efficient facilities that are cGMP-certified and operate in a food-grade environment like we do at Lifesource so that you may buy hemp products easily online and trust that what you are ordering and receiving meets the highest CBD rich oil manufacturing standards possible.

The thing about CBD rich oil is that it often encompasses the whole of the plant and brings together all of the special properties (cannabinoids) of the plant directly to the user of the CBD rich oil and many people prefer that for when looking for a hemp product online.

And for those who prefer to shop for a hemp product online and if it shipped directly to them; that’s our specialty. While we do have a new retail store in Marion, Illinois and several convenience-type stores carry our products, the majority of our orders come people like you who prefer to order a hemp product online.

Whatever manner you prefer to shop for your CBD rich oil, we are here for you! We have a highly knowledgeable, dedicated and CBD/ CBD rich oil and customer service staff passionate about informing, educating, and guiding customers to the best, most right choices for you to order a hemp product online from