Daily Deals & Coupon Mobile Application Development, Cost and Key Features
Daily Deals & Coupon Mobile Application Development, Cost and Key Features
Create bulk discounts without updating the catalog every day with daily deals and discount coupons app. Bring your daily deals under one roof to attract customers and increase sales.

Feature-packed daily deals & shopping coupon apps are not only profitable but are also used by a lot of people. It is time-saving and cost-effective and you can save a lot of money on a product/service.

With the advancement in technology, we are relying on our smartphones for almost everything. Whether it is shopping, consulting doctors, online tuitions we rely on apps. Well, for shopping at considerably low price daily deals and discount coupons apphelp you a lot.

This blog will help you know about the benefits of daily deals app development, its features, and costs. Before we get into the details of each of these aspects let us understand

What Are Daily Deals Apps?

For a business owner, it is important to extend its user base. To do so you can adopt the simple yet effective method to offer discounts on different services, eateries, and restaurants. It will help the brands notice the users and offer them exciting deals.

With daily deals and discount coupons app,you can offer great deals to attract users. You just need to upload the deals of different brands registered under you and create a huge user base. These apps can be useful to the users to get products at discounted prices. Sellers can enjoy getting more visibility on the app.

In case you are thinking of having such apps, then read on to gain more knowledge about the apps and how you can earn profits through these apps.

Know About Daily Deal service

It is a platform that connects app users with sellers for exciting deals.A seller displays his products/services at a discounted price on the app. It is accessed by different users and it results in a deal between the two for requirements that match users’ needs.

The app where the deal is displayed gets some percent of the profits earned by the merchant from the deal.

Daily Deal App – Business Model

As the app helps the seller upload new deals daily, the business model of the app may differ from other apps in different ways like white label mobile coupon app.

This e-commerce platform helps sellers and buyers connect to exchange products for money. The sellers earn profits by selling their products whereas daily deal apps make money through the following ways

  1. Commission

  2. Advertisements

Benefits Of Daily Deal Apps

1. Reach out to the wide customer base

The daily deals and discount coupons app helps you reach a wider customer base.

2. No Upfront costs

Certainly, these apps come with very less or no upfront costs. You can simply upload the product deals on the app without spending any money or paying a minimal price.

3. Cost-effective and time-saving

The whole process on these apps is flawless hence it results in saving time and money for the users.

4. Discounted offers

These apps help the users compare the product price on several platforms and pick the best-discounted rate available. It helps the users save money.

5. No additional costs

You do not have to spend money on promotions or advertisements as these apps are self-sufficient to promote the products/services from different brands.

6. Competitive rates

Users are interested in buying the products at the lowest rates possible. These apps fulfill them by offering unbelievable discounts on products.

Types Of Daily Deals App

1. Deal Apps

The app offers exciting deals on services/products to users every day.

2. Coupon Apps

They are digital coupons/ printable coupons for spas or restaurants

3. Membership Apps

These apps help users avail countless exciting deals on shopping that are not available for others.

General Features of Daily DealApplication

  • Sign Up/ Login

  • Invite Friends

  • Share Deals via social media

  • My favorites

  • Complete Profile

  • Use Coupon Code

  • Browse store-specific or Category-wise offers

  • Deals Listing

Merchant Panel

  • Add Deals, Manage Deals

  • Manage Coupons

  • Mail System

  • Manage orders

  • Subscribe

  • Favorite section

  • Share Deals on social media

  • Acquired deal

  • Track Status

  • Redemption of coupons

  • Graphs, Statistics, and dashboard

Admin Panel


  • Manage Deals for active, new completed, rejected, and expired deals

  • Manage coupons like purchased, expired, used, and pending ones

  • Manage Merchants or Consumers or Subscribers or Partners

  • Categories and subcategories of deals

  • IP Tracking, Website Tracking, Login/Logout Time tracking, IP blocking, Visitors Tracking

  • CMS based pages for About Us, Contact Us, and FAQ

  • Graphs, Dashboard and Statistics

  • Deal review & feedbacks

  • Share Deals on social media

Advanced features of daily deal apps

  • Cloud Environment

  • Price comparison

  • Payment gateway

  • Push notifications

  • Gift Vouchers

  • Navigation & tracking

  • Real-time Analytics

Tech Stack of a Daily Deal App

  • For Push Notifications – Twilio, Bandwidth

  • For Powerful Programming- GWT

  • For SMS, Phone & Voice Verification – Nexmo

  • For Data Management- Datastax

  • Cloud Environment- AWS

  • For everything related to emails-Mandrill

  • For payments: PayPal, Braintree

  • The universal Operating System- Debian

  • Database- HBase, Postgress, Cassandra Database, Mail Chimp Integration, MongoDB Database,

  • Realtime Analytics- Hadoop, BigData, IBM, Apache Flink, Spark, Cisco

Daily Deals App - Development Process

The daily deals app development process is an important factor to be considered. It needs time, money, and other aspects like 

1. Analysis

It is the very first step you need to look into for your daily deals and discount coupons app development. Here you need to analyze the room for daily deals apart from the development process in mobile app development company.

2. Design

The next step is to select the design & layout for your app. The app developers can help you with the graphic part of the app.

3. Development

At this step, the developers need to focus on the features to be integrated into your app

5. Quality Assurance

It is a Quality assurance that includes the quality checks for your app. The QA process tests your app to check it is working fine.


This is the last step where the app is ready for launch after performing the quality assurance process

The Development Team For App Development


  • Project manager

  • Testing team

  • Android developers

  • UX/UI designers

  • Graphic designer

  • iOS developers

  • Back-end developers

Daily Deal App- Cost for App Development

The cost of your daily deals and discount coupons app can vary with different factors like