An Overview of Pup joint
An Overview of Pup joint
DIC Oil Tool is a Pup Joints Suppliers and Exporters.

An Overview of Pup joint

DIC Oil Tool is a Pup Joints Suppliers and Exporters. They are easy to use and handle due to their shorter length. They also provide the same performance as the tubing casing drill pipe. A pup joint is a short piece of tool used for handling production tubing assemblies. Pup joints are a compulsory part of tools in almost every well. Pup joints are also used to adjust the base of downhole tools. Pup joints are also known as a saver sub. Pup joints are made from high-quality API tubing. We also provide different thread sizes and thread types combinations of pup joints. DIC Oil Tools are reliable Pup joints Supplier.


Ø   Applications of pup joints:


v  It is used as an integral member of the tubing string.

v  Pup joints are used to space out the distance between the tubing and casing.


Ø  Features of pup joints:


v  It comes in different types of thread and sizes.

v  It complies with the highest quality API 5CT.

v  Various pup joints are depending on thread types.

v  The pup joint is easy to use and handle.


Ø  Technical Specifications of Pup joints:


v  The length of Pup joints is 2′, 3′, 4′, 6′, 8′, 10′, 12′, 16′, and 20’.

v  The diameter of Pup joints is 2" to 20".

v  Grades of Pup joints are J55/K55, N80, L80, L80-9Cr, L80-13Cr, C90, T95, C95, P110, and Q125.

v  Thread types of pup joints are LC, STC, BTC, VAM, VAM TOP, EU and NU.

v  Wall thickness of Pup joints: 2.87mm-16.13mm

v  The weight of Pup joints: 4 to 19.20 ppf

v  Custom lengths and Diameters of Pup joints are also available.


Ø  Types of Pup Joints


v  Tubing Pup Joints: Tubing Pup Joints are made according to API 5CT specifications. It is a single pipe length used to provide a conduit through which the oil or gas will be produced from a wellbore. Tubing pup joints are generally around 30 ft and 9 meters long with a thread connection on each end.

v  Casing Pup Joints: Casing Pup joints are used to adjust the height of the casing strings. It is also used to stable the depth of downhole tools. DIC Oil Tools casing pup joints are made in accordance with the API 5CT specification.

v  Drill Pipe Pup Joint: Drill Pipe Pup Joint is an important drill stem element for special drilling or testing operations. A short drill pipe is used to adjust the overall length of the drill string. Outside of the Drill Pipe Pup joint looks like a smaller version of the joint of the drill pipe.

v  Crossover Pup Joints: Crossover pup joints are manufactured from seamless mechanical tubes. For all Crossover products, each piece is marked with a distinctive job number and heat number that is fully traceable.

v  Perforated Pup Joints: Perforated Pup Joints are usually installed between the bottom two nipples of a completion. It can be installed in the lower nipple profile to acquire flowing pressure and temperature measurements. A perforated production tube is also known as a perforated pup joint.

v  Integral Pup Joint: Integral Pup Joints are used for transporting high-pressure flow in fracturing manifold, cementing manifold, maintenance manifold, and test manifold. Integral Pup Joints are available in different models, pressure, and temperature rating.

v  Drill Pipe:  Drill Pipe is an important tool for drilling in oil fields. Drill pipes, again and again, run a thousand feet below the surface. The Centre of the drill pipe is hollow to allow drilling mud to be pumped down through it and flow out through the annulus during oil drilling.

v  Tubing and Casing: Tubing and Casing pipes play a major role in Oil and gas production. The best quality steel is used for processing tubing and casing pipes and each step and process is performed with the highest degree of accuracy meet the industry standards.


v  Couplings: Couplings are used in machinery for various purposes. It is a mechanical component that connects the shaft which is into two halves. Couplings are normally made of the same grade of steel as the casing. Their strength can be different from the casing. The main purpose of couplings can perform various tasks in a machine.