6 Different types of Firecrackers to Try in this Diwali
6 Different types of Firecrackers to Try in this Diwali
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The use of firecrackers is common in India, and they are used to mark celebratory occasions and festivals. Explosive crackers were the much-anticipated excitement of festivals. There have been diversifications in all sorts of products, but fire-catching toys haven’t been left behind. No matter if you’re watching the best fireworks display you’ve ever seen or choosing to light your own fireworks, being able to identify each explosion can be fun and interesting.


If you’re planning to celebrate festivals with a bang, here are 6 firecrackers you can try.


#1 Garland Crackers

In general, these types of fireworks are called bombs or sounding fireworks, and they burst with massive sounds and get ignited for an extended period. The walas are very famous and are commonly used during religious ceremonies, marriages, festivals, and large gatherings. The crackers are mostly made with red paper filled with chemicals and are tied in a string forming a garland of various lengths. When buying the garland crackers you will see numbers on them, which stands for the number of bursts. The number of bursts varies and can go as high as 10,000.


#2 Ground Chakkar

As the name suggests, the cracker is round-shaped and it is mostly preferred by kids for its circular moment on the ground when lit. The ground chakkar releases massive sparks in all directions, making it look like a blooming flower. These circular spinning fireworks shoot out colorful sparks, flames and also come in various sizes. There’s no doubt about the fact that these fireworks look incredibly pretty when they are lit and it is sure to make your ground bloom.


#3 Sparklers

People who have ever used fireworks have used sparklers at least once in their lives. Sparklers have been around for quite some time. Sparklers are designed primarily for children and are generally safe as long as you handle them appropriately. A sparkler is a small stick covered in special metallic gunpowder that gives off golden sparks when ignited. They can come in various colors, but favorites tend to be the bright white light or golden glimmer. Handling a sparkler requires fully extending your arm so that the sparks don’t touch your skin.


#4 Flower Pot Crackers

If you are looking for fireworks that are relatively safe to use and don’t cost a lot of money, then the flower pot is a good choice. Most of these crackers are cone-shaped devices. They sit on the ground and when fired they start releasing a lot of sparks all around. Flower pots are famous for their colorful sparks produced upwards and for their bright displays. Crackers of this type are relatively safe, although sparks usually last for a few seconds before the fireworks are all gone.


#5 Rockets

Another of the most associated types of fireworks at any given firework event, at home or on any other occasion, is the rocket. Launching this type of firework into the sky can cause the rocket to climb to extraordinary heights. Depending on the type of sky rocket used, some can reach 40 to 70 meters before exploding with a loud bang. Some variants eject different kinds of sparkling effects and blasts.


#6 Bijili Crackers

These crackers are individual members of the garland cracker family. They often carry the iconic red casing and a fuse is placed right on top. When the end of the fuse is lit, it takes a few seconds to enter the bang. Though the blast cannot be compared to other crackers, it has its own uniqueness and is one of the easy favourites of most. The cracker is either thrown away or ignited in a distance where the debris doesn’t come in contact us :