How To Create Neutral Tone Living Room Area?
How To Create Neutral Tone Living Room Area?
Know how to create the perfect neutral tone living room area. These are some of the best design tips for living room decor.

Neutral living rooms are all the hype right now as they create a relaxing and calming environment. There are a lot of possibilities in which you can incorporate neutral furniture in your living room which also includes a modern couch set. There is no shortage of finding inspiration for neutral living room ideas whether you are looking for a minimalist-inspired room or an all-white decor. Just mixing up the right furniture to get the perfect look of neutral can sometimes turn out to be challenging since there are so many options out there.

One thing to keep in mind is that neutral spaces tend to focus on details that are natural materials that have different textures and neutral paint colours and their accompanying tones. It would be best if you also focused on the contrast between soft curves and hard lines. All these need to align with your personal aesthetics and requirements. So here are some of the best neutral living room ideas that will help you achieve your own personal calming and cool living room.

Mixing different textures

When you are on your way to designing a neutral living room, it is recommended that you mix textures. You can do this by including poufs, rugs, and different pillows, and even include artwork that gives your room extra softness and depth. Just keep in mind to go for a neutral colour palette when you are choosing your accent furniture. For example, if you have a white living room then a mixture of textures can go a long way. Mixing white faux fur pillows that have a French trim with a tightly woven patterned rug in black and white colour along with a polished marble top coffee table can help you achieve the perfect neutral aesthetics.

Combining woodwork

Wood furniture is an amazing way to introduce different tones and textures into the neutral living room. You can include finishes and tones of wood to make the space look visually appealing. For example, a light graining on a coffee tabletop or side table can bring a sense of warmth and a natural look to the seating area. You can also go for walnut or mahogany-stained wood that will give your living room more formal appeal.

These are also good options for dining cabinets and chairs if you have an open-style living area. One of the problems with neutral living room tones is they start to feel like a wash of grey, white or any other colour so to introduce a little bit of contrast and to break the monotonous palette, a few pieces of wooden furniture like a coffee table or a dining table or wood modern couch set in light or dark tone can help you achieve the perfect look.

Adding patterns

There is a misguided thought that a neutral living room tends to have zero patterns but in reality, it is the opposite. Patterns are a great way to bring visual interest and contrast into an area, so they become even more important in neutral living rooms. There are generally two ways to introduce patterns. You can have patterns in the form of natural materials like baskets that have woven details or geometrical natural fibers. You can also keep a soft pattern accent in a neutral living room like a black and white pillow on a modern couch set, a grey stripe patterned blanket or simple monochromatic art. One of the best ways is you can also combine all these elements together in a neutral living room. Patterns are a great addition to neutral living room ideas as they help you bring out your own personality and touch to the space.

Accentuate architectural elements

One of the best things about playing around with a neutral palette is they let you make the architectural elements the highlight features. For example, if you have exposed wooden beams, mouldings, white brick fireplace then these architectural features will be accentuated in your neutral living room. If you have a fireplace in your home, then you can drive inspiration from the materials and colours of it while choosing the rest of the furniture. For example, if you have a white brick fireplace then it will give you an idea of going for a grey and white modern couch set and include ceramic items as the decor element. For the coffee table and cabinets, light wooden finish material will be a perfect choice.

Add contrast to the space

Since the neutral tone palette tends to become monotonous so contrast becomes one of the key elements. A pop of bold and dark colour tone with the neutrals will give the space a warmer feeling. Colours like black and deep grey go greatly with neutral tones when used in a balanced way. If including bold accents in the living room seem risky to you and you want to play it safe, then start by anchoring your space with a large white furniture piece.

Introduce it and then you can add dark and bold coloured monochromatic accents around it. Along with that, texture and pattern can be introduced around your large white sofa set. They are not just good for creating contrast, but they also add depth to the environment with their varying textures. One of the best colours to introduce contrast in a neutral living room is brown and its shades that make the room look rich and gives organic natural touch.

Earth tones


Earthy colour tones are considered neutrals since they provide a warm and soothing effect in the space. If you really like earthy tones, then you can introduce them in your neutral living room. Simply start by creating a neutral base which can be done by a white modern couch set or a neutral rug that will create the background. Then you can introduce the earth tones in your space but try to avoid patterns. One of the best ways to include earthy tones in your neutral space is by keeping them softer looking like a soft orange or a sage green colour. If you want to create a bold space, then it is preferable that you include it in just one or two colours that have a grounding effect. These colours can be olive green which can be incorporated into seating and burnt orange.

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