Essential Furniture Pieces For Your Starter Home
Essential Furniture Pieces For Your Starter Home
Know the essential furniture pieces for your starter home that will be an investment and move easily with you to your future homes.

Getting furniture where you will be staying just for a little while or thinking of refurbishing seems like a bad option. You might feel why to waste money on a piece of furniture that won’t blend with the design aesthetics later. Although there are a few furniture pieces that are timeless and can move around with you no matter what your dream home looks like. They will fit perfectly. There are certain furniture pieces that will fit your current home as well as your future dream home with ease. Furniture store Brampton brings some of the must-have furniture pieces for your starter home.

Indoor & Outdoor Chairs

It's not necessary to get a dining room set with matching upholstered chairs. You can get versatile chairs that act as both dining chairs as well as outdoor sitting area chairs if need be. This is also a good option if you are someone who quickly grabs lunch or dinner on the dining room set and then likes to lounge around in the living room. There are a lot of different options available in design styles for dining room chairs that can also be used as outdoor seating options without compromising on the comfort level.

Simply get a set of two or four strong chairs that can work as dining chairs for now and can be reused later as patio chairs in the future. You can even get metal chairs for the dining room that can later be used for backyard seating option and there will be no issue of ruining them from rain or heat.

Strong Dining Table

An elegant and simple dining table is a sensible investment as it can be used as a study table or work desk later on when you upgrade to a bigger dining room set. Don’t go after trends and embellishments on the table rather look for sturdy framing so it lasts you for years to come. This way it will travel with you efficiently from home to home and blend with different design styles easily. A simple wooden dining room table will do the trick if you want to elevate its design style then include bold designer chairs.

Leather Sofa

You might feel that since you are buying a sofa for the first time, it doesn’t have to be perfect and should cost as little as possible. This is where you are making a mistake. Sofa makes for an important element in the house and can last you for a long time if you buy a quality product. A leather sofa that is compact can work as the main seating option in your starter home and later as a side seating in the main bedroom of your future home. Quality leather sofas can easily last you for a decade without needing much maintenance. The best part is, that leather is a timeless fabric and blends easily with other materials and fabrics. Furniture store Brampton offers some of the best leather sofas at affordable prices.

Flexible Sectional

Sectional sofa sets are a great choice for modern homes, but they also have a big drawback. If you don’t have a flexible sectional sofa, then your new home might not be so accommodating for it. Your L-shaped or U-shaped sectional might not fit the layout of your future home. So, it’s best to choose a reversible sectional that can be reconfigured according to a different layout. This way there is a high probability of finding a spot for your beloved sectional in the new home. Buy a sectional that comes with loose cushions and movable ottomans So you can flip the orientation of the section accordingly.

Furniture store Brampton offers sectional sofa sets that can be configured in left facing as well as right-facing orientation. Sectional sofa sets are a great choice and sensible investment since they are helpful in open floor style plans where you have to separate the dining area from the living area. Sectional can provide a faux sense of partition in between the seating of the living room and dining room set.

Extended Headboard

Most people avoid getting a headboard, but it can really elevate the look of your bedroom and provide extra comfort while you lounge around in the bedroom. The padded place where you can rest your head is an added bonus for relaxing if you are someone who loves to spend time in the bedroom. If you want your headboard to last, you a long time and also move with you to your future homes then buy a headboard one or two sizes bigger than your bed. The extended headboard panel will add a luxurious effect to the bedroom and will be able to accommodate a larger mattress in the future if need be.

Ottomans & Multiuse Stools

The general layout of the living room includes a sofa set, two chairs, and a coffee table but if you replace the table with ottomans or stools then it will give you more functional options later. These give a space a light feeling as there is no bulky furniture. Your living room will feel breathable and lighter in general. In your future home, you can use these multi-purpose ottomans and stools as extra seating or buffer zone for putting down glasses and mugs in the living room near the sofa set.

Go for ottomans that have a firm top so you can use them as a table to set a tray and occasional tables that can be used as stools. These come in handy when you need extra seating in any part of the home later. Just moving a pair of occasional stools near the dining room set can come in handy when there is a large gathering over dinner.


These are some of the important furniture pieces that are an investment and will move along with you to your future homes without messing up your comfort and style. You can find the perfect dining room set, sofa set, or multi-use ottomans at furniture store Brampton within an affordable price range without compromising on the quality.